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Hey! Are you worried? Ah I know this is such a ridiculous question but it's necessary too. I can predict that you are dealing with something you want to get freed from. 

Okay, let's begin. 

Firstly, we need to know what is meant by mental health? 

It is our way to deal with social, emotional and psychological well-being. Mental health helps us to deal with each & every feeling that exists in this world. It provides us with aids to tackle our day-to-day stressed life, to select between multiple alternatives & many more. Well, that’s true that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body,i.e, physical health has a great impact on our mental health. Infact, both are interdependent. 


Today we’ll talk about how our mental health deteriorates over time other than the reasons related to hereditary ones. 

As we all know human life has a long-term duration and to live it to the fullest, we must have a good mental health along with good physical health. But what has happened to the current generation? There are many reasons to it. 

W e,ll talk about three stages of life, 

  • OLD AGE 



The major reason in this stage can be the misguidance or non-guidance of the youth regarding various situations they face. There are various things about which the youth is unable to tell what they are going through or it comes to the society that they don’t want to discuss them. 

It basically begins with the menarche of a girl. They feel what sort of thing is this? Why is this happening? They are filled with a lot of questions but they feel like untouchables and get scared to ask anyone about it, even their own family. 

Overthinking is another aspect that our youth is going through. It is obvious according to the human psychology that if something is not done as per the will of a person then he/she will get timid or angry. Here, they should be guided how to control their emotions and the need for differentiation between “OVERTHINKING” and “THINKING OVER”. 

And now comes the widespread reason, #EXPECTATIONS from the wrong person or actually #HEARTBREAK about which every youth hesitate to discuss. They keep it to themselves which keep them eating from inside degrading their mental health leading to sensitiveness, anxiety, or even depression. 



  • The major reason we can conclude is the present lifestyle of people. People nowadays blindly run towards success without considering the fact that more of everything is harmful. Their day-to-day work, dealing with stress of on time completion of that work hampers their mental ability adversely. The fact that working hours need resting intervals too are totally ignored. They engage themselves too much in their work that they forget to enjoy their life. It creates lack of happiness and abundant of stress which eventually leads to deterioration of mental health. 

 Also, some people rest too much which creates a sense of dizziness and drowsiness to them, due to which they are unable to work further or mainly their desire to work comes to an end.  




Everything has a span of life including human life and human brain. Scientifically, with time, the nerves that helps brain to function properly gets weaken. The abundant pressure taken up during adulthood leave humans to suffer until their end. 

It is said that childhood and old-age are quite similar. Yes, it is true. Both the stages need proper care and guidance because their brain is extra sensitive. Various diseases are also responsible for the same like, schizophrenia, delirium, dementia, alcoholic abuse etc. 


A common reason which lies in all the stages is the improper use of internet. Yes, you read correct. 

  • Let me state an example: Nowadays, when people experience even a minor headache the surf the web. The web itself is created by humans which may give false data too. People think that surfing their problem on internet will give them exact medication and the blindly follow what they get. Like a simple headache could be because of cold or over work but internet may show reasons like depression or migraine. Now people get panic reading this and they think they are suffering from these and start taking medicines on their own without consulting doctors. From this, even a minor headache may result in migraine problems just because of thinking in advance that we are suffering from it rather we were not. 


Now let us come to some basic activities that may help our mental health to be balanced. 

The most effective mantra is enjoying every moment of your life. Being positive and tackling the problems with happiness. Take a break from everything & give yourself time even of 15 minutes but give it. Try to think about the things that you may improve which may help you to be happier. 

Do physical activities daily because a healthy body possess a healthy mind. 

Also, awareness regarding “VISITING A DOCTOR INSTEAD OF SURFING INTERNET” should be spread.  



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