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The Night in "The Graveyard"


This picture was hanging in my grandmother's home. It was the picture of the summer of 2003 when my parents had a visit to my grandparent's house. My hometown is in the hills of Uttarakhand. We used to visit granny's house every summer. I remember my mom told me that dadi was so happy when I was born and she took care of me for two years when they were engaged in building their careers. This picture was clicked by my father when he returned from work after two years. He wanted to capture the bond, dadi and I shared from the beginning of my life. Being born and bought up in the laps of dadi I loved playing with her every summer, nowadays it feels like it was the relief zone to me and my parents from the competitive and struggling world waiting for us to come back and submit Holiday homework.

It was 8:00 pm when the phone ringed. Well before that, I'm Harshit and I'm 24. I'm working in a technical firm that pays me well to sustain my hobbies and interest in this cruel world. I was reading a book titled "A monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma. The book is a philosophy, that I really needed at the point because I was confused about my future life. Only the thing I got from the book that anyone can tell is 'death is an inevitable truth'. This was the time when my phone ringed and brought the bad news. My grandmother passed away. I blanked out for some minutes but gathered my courage to cut the phone after 5 minutes of constant voices from my phone. I booked a ticket to Nainital and applied for leave for a week and packed the bags.

I landed at the airport in the early morning and reached my granny's house at 10:00. There my parents were waiting along with my family and relatives. My father supported me when I lost my consciousness to stand on my feet upon seeing my grandmother lying as pale as the winter's moon. We went to the graveyard straight after every family relative came. With all the religious and cultural beliefs we buried grandmother's corpse. In the evening when the family was about to leave to home I stayed there. For three straight hours, I dazed. Later after getting my senses, I realized it was 22:00 and I'm still in the graveyard.

I saw my phone and there were 15 missed calls and the phone was still ringing. I answered it "send the driver to the gate of the graveyard to pick me".It was one and a half kilometers from my location to the main gate. I had a long walk to the main gate. All my lovable memories of my granny and me finished in a minute and suddenly caught the idea of death.

Our science never told us that life is an amazing experience of smiles and tears, happiness and sadness, winnings and losing. When a child is born, unaware of the cruel world enters the hands of humans. They teach him/her the methods to be clever and competitive in life. Well said by Viru Sahastrabudhhe" Life is a race … If you don’t run fast… you will be like a broken andaa…".My parents never told me, life is all about enjoying it, living every moment of it, and having experience of it to learn. Ultimately there is nothing like greed that will help us in the afterlife. The long walk told me that humans have made a wrong society that talks about others and worry about the future problems and mostly believes in living in the future.

With all these in my mind, I traveled the distance in 15 minutes and reached the main gate where the Shangu bhaiya (our driver) was waiting. We entered home at midnight. Everyone was sleeping except my mom. At a glance, I saw my mom waiting for me to come home. There I realized my mom is getting old too and she had the same wrinkles and loose skin as a grandmother. That filled my eyes with tears and I grabbed my mom's side and hugged her tightly. Till morning I slept with my mom and realized she didn't sleep the whole night. It's maybe because it was the only time I met my mom after 4 years. There I realized what my grandmother would have felt the same as when we visited them every summer. She must have slept with all the loving summer memories in cold wild winters.

For a week I stayed with my family and friends. It was like rejuvenate my inner soul completely. Later I decided to go back to work again. Back to work was like a fighter enjoying his fights after an injury gap for few months. But later it got the same. This gave me another chance to pick another book but this time I was not alone but was living with my mom and dad.

After realizing the importance of family and friends in one's life I shifted with my parents to a new apartment where I maybe exhausted with my work but I have my mom who could make me feel like the born child again.

My grandmother's grave taught me one thing for sure that a good family is united not distributed and that gives life a new experience and happiness.

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