By- Sumit Raj Jha
Engineering student

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Sumit Raj Jha


The root causes of increasing crime rates in India. What steps can be taken to manage it?

Reality Check

Everyday we can see in News that in this state, this crime happened. Every another day new crime happens. But most of us don't know about root causes for these crimes. In this article, I am going to discuss what are the basic root causes of increasing crime rates in India, also what are the steps can be taken to manage it?. Firstly let us see what are different types of crime. Crimes can include Crime against Human Body, Crime against Women, Violent crimes(like gang wars, murders and kidnapping), Crime against Property and Cyber Crimes.

Now let us see what are the root causes of crime rates in India:

  • Lack of Education: This is the most common reason we have heard of, there are also some criminals who are educated but people without any educational values tends to do crime more often. Because, people without any educational value do not get job and they think that doing crime is the last thing they can do for surviving.
  • Poverty: Poverty again is a common issue but poverty is due to unemployment. Due to increase in population people are not able to find jobs as there are less jobs and 10 times more jobseekers. So, due to poverty most of peoples decide to do crime for their and their family's survival.
  • Alcohol and Drugs: In India, alcohol is banned in some states but drugs are completely banned in India. Also, underage drinking and consuming drugs is increasing nowadays and they gets addicted to it and can do anything for it. That's the reason many people do illegal import and export of these things and also these things can be used in crimes like Kidnapping.
  • Corruption: One of the reason for crime is Corruption. As, if a thief steals something and get caught by police then he will offer bribe to police officer and will be free as there are few honest officers in India. Due to this, they get motivated as the think just do crime and give some share of their earning (bribe) to officers and this cycle continues.
  • Inappropriate System: We can see that if one criminal is caught they will be sending to prison and later on their case is going on in Court for many years. Even though, if there are many evidences against them Court takes too long for decision and sometimes decision is not worth of crime they have done. Like a murderer gets prison for 5 years and to pay some fine that's it, and this increases confidence among other criminals and they do more crimes because they know if they caught it will take long for Court to take a decision.

Now let's see what steps can be taken to prevent this increasing crime rates:

  • Corruption free system: For less crimes to occur there should be corruption free system like honest police department. So that, if someone tries to give bribe to police they should be punished like a hell. If this happens he will get scared before doing any crime from next time and other criminals also develop some fear for Police and system.
  • Court Decisions to be appropriate: Courts should give their decisions for criminal cases as soon as possible also, decisions should be according to their crimes like if someone is murderer he should be given either life imprisonment or they should be hanged. This will create fear among other criminals and they may leave the path of crime.
  • Free Education: Government should provide free education to those who are from poor family as they will also get educational values and also gets aware about crimes and their repercussions. In this way, they will getting job and will be away from crime.
  • More Job Opportunities: Due to demand of more jobs as compared to available jobs, Government should either increase more job opportunities or should launch more programs like MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). It will help unemployed peoples to survive rather than doing any crime.

CONCLUSION: We can see how crime rates are increasing in India which is a need for concern. I have written some steps which can reduce these crimes. There are many reasons due to which crime occurs and also many ways to stop it. I have just written those points who are important according to me. There are many ways to stop Crime rates in India and it is really needed.

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