By- Gargee Sharma
An Eager Beaver!

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Gargee Sharma


The serenity of nature and how it fills me with inspiration


‘In times of crisis, the natural world is a source of joy and solace. It produces the comfort that comes from nothing else’. Serenity is the quality most associated with different aspects of nature. We witness the magical wonders of nature in every form. I've always found a strong connection with nature and animals, they give me peace and the

ability to feel better. Every aspect of nature has something to offer and helps us to find answers to life.

The swaying of trees and the roots holding them back, in pleasant breezes or harshest of storms, no matter what the weather condition, trees hold themselves back with their primary support – roots, to battle any circumstance and happily serve us in staying alive. They inspire me to be adamant and determined towards my goals and then enjoy the relieving breeze of success.

The birds soaring high in the sky represent the limitless opportunities that await us after we let go off our fears. Taking the first flight might seem frightening but once you take the leap of faith, your wings become your biggest strength.

The rain always comes with a hope of washing away the negative aspect of life and replenish the withering times of life. Just like every day, we shower ourselves to get rid off yesterday's filth, rains give hope of bettering ourselves.

The vast stretches of ocean teach us unity. After all, it is an amalgamation of every little drop that turned it into a massive ocean. Together it seems powerful and nothing when alone. It inspires me to unite the human race for the well-being of this world.

Just as starts bring sparkling light into the world of darkness, we can radiate our inner light and inspire others to find hope and positivity in tough times of life.

Wind, although never seen, can make us feel its existence, similarly, we as humans must trust our inner instinct instead of always believing or neglecting the senses we are gifted. The moon and moonlight can make anything look beautiful on earth. Its surface, although full of craters, outshines its weakness and is picturized romantically the most soothing element of nature. It sparkles with inspiration and teaches the most important lesson of loving yourself above all things that stop you from doing so. Ants and bees are constantly working for their family to provide them with food and benefit the whole community. They inspire us to work hard and pursue perseverance without getting tired.

They teach us that every individual in this world has a special responsibility to serve and share it with fellow citizens of this planet. Nature in its entirety is wholesome and respects every aspect of it that has helped it give origin and sustain life. It bows in honour of the elements that create unity in its unique way. We usually take the beautiful things in life for granted and its many messages that vanish unappreciated. Don't wait for extraordinary moments to take your breath away, instead learn from nature to live in every moment and value the gift of life. I believe, every little thing we do

daily can be of sacred quality, if only we start to invest our time, affection and love into it.

Perhaps, if you ever find yourself stuck with the life puzzle, start seeking answers through nature, it will instil the art of mastering patience and help you solve your puzzle through the lessons it is embedded with.

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