The Sinful Examination :

Look at them, trying to catch me as if a star trudging its way across the dark, lifeless sky. Well, I won't blame you because I'm not like you. Down below, they are wondering what could be the reason. Oh, and I see her, crying and I can hear her calling out my name. Why don't they get it that it's too late now?

This height reminds me of the bitter fact that I have always been in control. I see my professors. Well, I certainly would recognize those specs anywhere. I remember his cold voice, bursting my ear canal to its very core, shouting that I'm useless. Are you happy now? You won, I am indeed useless. I hope you'll get someone to finish off your assignments and fill your bottle with the water of sweet talks, full of 'yes-sirs.'

My fellow peers, couldn't you always see that I was giving up- that I lost my sense of duty as well as purpose. You called me your best friend and never cared. How could you as you too are the victim of the same system that has destroyed countless vessels of souls? I knew things wouldn't change after I go, for you all have gotten accustomed to being bullied.

Those sarcastic remarks, silent glares, twitched stares, and of course, partial marks, this is the Indian Education System: the bright future that sets the course for bright young minds, right? 

Oh, it took an hour for the police and fire department to reach. Finally, the reporters are coming too. I'm glad I called them. Though, the thing is I want people to question and remember this incident. Alas, I know they won't. I wish you could read everything in my mind right now. 


Red Light: STOP, Green Light: GO

And now, it's time to conclude the show,

The Examination is over, you know.

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