By- Versha Vaishnav
I need someone in my dark to light up my life n there I got my diary🌸🌸

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Versha Vaishnav


The Story of My Life

Once, it was me

Now, it's someone you

How I changed, I didn't know

You judged me, did you hello

As far as I went in life

You judged me with the sharp knife

I was with the moon and stars for me

You called me beautiful, did you actually mean

Sleepless nights and tiring days I lived

At that time be happy, I was advised

I was angry with myself even after knowing myself

The reason was nothing but life was not mine and no one to help

Every time I tried my best to become as I want

I was told, sorry miss you can't

I was separated from myself, don't know why

Still, you ask me, you are sad why

Now how do I make you understand?

I was sad because of you, it's all just that

I lost my dream just because of you

And don't you have dreams, you said

I wanted to speak a lot

But I ended up my thought with a full stop

I saw the dreams of running

But it was hard for me to even walk

I even killed my own dreams too

'cause I was told to live a life like you

Was life angry with me? I tried to know

I changed myself, was this a reason or no

I lived my life, but without being my own self

I knew all my weaknesses, but I didn't care

You spoke kind words for me, just to show

I was not in need of sympathy, so I said no

I ruined my own self in this journey

I asked myself, is this really me

I had thousands of words to speak out then

I didn't find anyone to, but a diary and a pen

This is the story of my life, that I lived

Are you sad or surprised?

Thank you🦋

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