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The true story behind 1st human landing on moon; is it a conspiracy theory?

Reality Check

Since the 1970s people have seriously accused NASA for making false claims over the first landing of Apollo 11 rocket on moon and far said Neil Armstrong and many others walked on the lunar surface for the first time in history. Many of the theories are supported even by the claims of former NASA employees and many other experts including US Navy officials to an extent. Till 2001 many people in America, up to 6-20% people believed NASA’s claims of lunar landing were false. The theories are revolving for around 50 years now and all we can say is the claims are not backed up by the evidence that were put forward by the people.


Some of the main reasons people believe that can be act as the motive for NASA to fake the lunar landing involve the very famous space race that was between the US and USSR in the early 1960s-‘70s. These two nations were desperate for results and maybe that could be the reason for NASA to have faked the lunar landings in order to declare a clear winner of the race.

Another popular reason involves the Vietnam War and the funding problems of NASA. In the Vietnam War, US lost troops as well as were drained monetarily. NASA had to give results in order to keep the government motivated to carry on the results further.

The images also revealed by the space agency looked morphed, the backgrounds were not identical and there appears to be nearby hills or cliffs to adjacent angles marking a lodge in the haze to obscure faraway objects. The photos taken per minute were also a matter of concern as they were recorded as one photo was taken in every 50 seconds. Also, the angles of shadows and colors are suspicious, the long-exposure photograph with f/2.8 and ISO 10000 was not convincing, as the others were too.

The footprints on the moon had also been a matter of suspicion as the moon does not have a weather like earth nor the soil of the lunar planet has sand, hydration and granules to preserve the footprints for so long. Also, the flag of every other Apollo landing was seen but the first one, as it was told that the flag was taken away by lunar wind caused by interplanetary gas exchange. It also creates doubt in many minds. The probability of a successful lunar landing mission was 0.000174% as per the inside sources before the actual mission, so it was way easier for NASA to fake the mission than to actually make it happen. People alleged that NASA along with Disney and HBO made a fake landing hoax to create chaos in the USSR and to win the race, and also to enable sources of more fundings.

Another issue that was unsettled was the mechanical issue, people alleged that the NASA Lunar Module had no blast craters and also there was no sign of dust scatter present on the surface, which eventually makes it more difficult to believe NASA’s theory of first lunar landing.

The lunar module landed on the moon was about 17 tons in weight yet no marks were observed whereas the footprints beside them were clearly visible.

Also the deaths of NASA personnel was mysterious, ten astronauts and two civilians related to the mission were suspiciously found dead in car accidents or things of that sort, it is hard to believe that people who have that much security clearance and experience die so easily just at the timing of mission’s commenced launch and found dead, all in accidents.

NASA tried to explain the issues, also tried to politically dissolve the issue by alleging the involvement of American Communist party in creating hoax and chaos about the mission and also tried to prove things by the third-party evidence.


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