By- Vandana Kataria
Just an ordinary introvert who loves to express her thoughts via words.

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Vandana Kataria


The Unheard Voice of a Night Lover.


Have you ever felt something like this too?

Or Am I the only one, going this through?

The random thoughts and the hour of the night,

Why feel so blessed, vivid, and light.

The suitcase of our responsibilities that we carry all day,

Why gets release like an unbound helium balloon that can't find it's way.

The people who stay awake at night,

Might have some hidden talents but no audience to show them. Right!

Believe Me! Night Lovers struggle a lot to fit in the world daytime,

So what if they want to find their inner self by having a great time.

You may call them insane, sluggish, or work-shy,

Coz it's not their world still they are giving it a try.

The world will surely guide you to sleep early,

But that doesn't mean to murder your thoughts which are shining pearly.

Let these carefree Night Lovers find the meaning and purpose of living,

So that they will become affectionate and learn to be forgiving.

3 am isn't the time to do what you were doing all day,

It's time to pick a pen and paper and express yourself through an essay.

Every Night Lover have gained a betrayal and broken trust by someone close,

Therefore they know how to survive in a world of thorns like a beautiful rose.

You, ordinary people, can never appreciate their vision,

As you all are bound to open your wings and they fly high like a stray pigeon.

So why do we abandon and deny them?

While they are the marvelous specimen made up of the gem.

Every Night Lover has its own spectacular chronicle,

Which they want to share with everyone like it's Iconical!

Midnight Diaries take a very long time to turn out graceful,

But it's okay if victorious yet purposeless people find it unsuitable.

Have you ever felt something like this too?

Coz I think I am the only one going this through.

Thank You!

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