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The Unsung heroes of the Pandemic

Unsung Heroes

Ever heard of the quote When a crisis occurs, heroes emerge.

That is what happened the past year throughout the world.

People were unaware of the situations and how to deal with them as we suffered a pandemic of such a vast scale for the first time in a  century.

Covid-19 changed us permanently. The fact that anyone could have been infected and died can’t be taken out from any individual.

The world stopped. Complete lockdowns occurred everywhere creating history. People were helpless, confused, and unaware of the circumstances. But still, there was a group of people who never enjoyed or experienced lockdowns and holidays. Whenever we talk about the unsung heroes then the first thought that comes to our mind is the army personnel working for our nation but in this pandemic, some unsung heroes were never appreciated for showing their courage and the risks which they bore for the sake of the people. This article targets those Bravehearts who risked everything they had to keep the country running.

1.)Healthcare and Frontline Workers

Healthcare and Frontline workers were the actual frontlines during the pandemic. When everyone feared stepping out of their comfortable houses doctors, policemen, firefighters were always ready to step out and perform their duties. Whether the job was to go in the most affected areas to conduct tests or to surveillance the entire country to maintain the lockdown, the frontline workers were never out of work. People don’t even consider their compromises which they did just so that we could stay in our luxurious houses and complain about not being able to go out and enjoy ourselves with our family and our friends.


Ever wondered about the risk which the people faced who traveled every single day to transport the commodities to the public? Whether it was the delivery drivers, ambulance drivers, or taxi drivers all of them were daily interacting with people whom they had no idea was infected or not. At a time when people didn’t even want to meet their relatives or friends, these were the people who came upfront to remove the barrier of transportation for the essential commodities and the people from one place to another. Do you genuinely think that they were appreciated enough for the responsibilities they took on their shoulders during the crisis? The answer is Not at all.

3.)Cleaners/Sanitation Workers

Even in the best times we always ignore the contributions of the cleaners and sanitation workers. When we are enjoying the perks of living in our comfortable houses then these are the people who are always on their feet to complete the assigned duties which include cleaning and dumping the garbage to the allotted places. Imagine you have no idea about how any family is living during the pandemic yet you are asked to pick up their garbage and the waste they produce. This is what the sanitation workers do every day and they are never appreciated for their work.


When the world stopped and everyone experienced lockdown for the first time in their lives then there were still some things that were permitted to be opened. One of them was the medical stores. People had the option to get any of their medications even in the lockdown. The pharmacists without concerned about their health were always there to open their stores for the general public. There were even a lot of reports stating how the people working in the medical stores got infected by the coronavirus but this wasn’t sufficient to stop these heroes.


When everyone was either living through the lockdown or performing their duties, there was a set of people who had the option of choosing their comforts but they chose to serve their nation instead. Various fields needed manpower which was not enough in the pandemic. This is where these people stepped up to volunteer. From providing shelters to the poor to providing food camps for those who couldn’t afford it, volunteers stepped upfront and showed their heroism to the entire world. No one considers their hardships but they proved that they were the most influential individuals out on the field.

Honorable Mentions

We should also consider and appreciate the efforts of some specific people who directly or indirectly provided a major hand in helping the public during the lockdown and who were never proclaimed for risking their lives.

Teachers who learned how to conduct classes online for the students just so that the studies of the children don’t get affected at all.

The vets opened up their clinics to provide help and treatment to the pets of the general public.

The general store owners opened up their stores just so the public doesn’t get short of the essential commodities and the basic requirements.

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