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Urvi Shah


The Witty Watermelon


With advent of summer, we can  feel the heat now. It felt good for sometime as it was relief from the winter chills. But after some days I was in search of something which could give relief from the hot wave and refreshes me too, after wondering for many days, I got it- Watermelon!!! Its really a treat in summer to have something like it after having a not so pleasant meet with sun outside. The watermelon was great and I even extracted great lessons from it. Let’s find out what watermelon has stored for us.

#The first step is always difficult- We all know it has a hard green covering. If we consider the fruit inside as success- then we can observe that its difficult to reach the pulp in start but after that it gets easier. Similarly, the first step we take towards something is a bit difficult. Then the path seems easy. We should never give up as its our test and to pass it we must  be determined till we get success and not just give up or not start something because its difficult or seems difficult. “ 80% of success is just  showing up.”  This quote by Woody Allen conveys the true meaning of never giving up. That’s the point, the one who fails is better than the one who never tries.  In a nutshell, one must fail and try but never fail to try. Read again!

#Failures are good- When we have watermelon we can find many seeds in it, which none of us don’t like. The thing is, the seeds are like failures which we don’t like, we want only the pulp(success). But the if we think deeply we can figure out that the fruit exists because of seeds, i.e. the failures are the thing which gives rise to success. Without failure we can’t get success. We must learn from failures and never undermine their importance. Simply, failure is not opposite of success but part of it. Can you now feel how the seeds/ failure are important for success….

#The Power of Commitment- No!!!! I am not talking of commitment from Salman Khan’s movie, I know where our mind lands us when we hear this word. Commitment is trying and doing everything we can to add to our success.  Just like in watermelon we have to pass through that white layer before getting the pulp, one must hang on till we don’t get results in order to succeed. If one is committed one is willing to do anything to achieve that goal. The commitment is  unbreakable bond between a person  and his/her goal.  “ Efforts only fully release its rewards after the person refuses to quit.” Committed person must hang in and  prevail, the one who is ready to do a little more, is completely ready for success. Little more is the thing where most people give up, and its true that most people give up just before achieving something great. The winners are the one who have the will to that little more. Let’s be committed and ready to succeed!

#Don’t judge a book by its cover- We can’t determine how  the watermelon tastes by just looking from outside( If you can, you have a superpower). Similarly, we must not judge people and make assumptions  just on basis of their outward appearance alone. We all have the habit to judge people once we see them, but we must not rely on that, as appearance are often deceptive. We must also focus on attitude and behavior of a person before forming any opinion . This protects us from negativity too, because it’s a human tendency to focus and find negative first and once we develop habit of judging, we may develop a habit of focusing on negativity and simultaneously  building negativity within us too.

#Struggle is part of life- It is observed that the most delicious watermelon have the most seeds, success is not easy. We face many struggles while on our way to success, we must not get de-motivated by success because there’s more store for us.  The struggles we face even contribute to our lives, we learn many lessons and develop ourselves with all these struggles. The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

#Unique- No two watermelons are same, no two human beings are similar. Each one of us is unique. Being unique is the best gift we have. No one can be you, so love yourself, accept all flaws and beauties. You aren’t strange if you are different from others, you are unique.  Be Unique, be you. Being unique is important than being perfect. Be who you are and live the way you like. Celebrate this uniqueness everyday!

Let’s learn the wisdom watermelon has stored within it. Let’s grow!!!

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