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The year 2020 .


The year 2020 .

The most uncertain year I have experienced in my entire life . The year I grew into a better human being . The year I learnt gratefulness . The year I learnt that patience is the most valuable thing to learn when things go wrong . The year I learnt being with people you love solves any obstacles which comes under your way. When things go wrong, you can smile too ! Or even crying is not wrong unless we promise not to cry on the same thing instead being strong and making things . The year I learnt about friendships and bonding . That being united is much better than being alone . I learnt that love is not something we must chase but instead accept ourself and let the love come to us . I learnt that making mistakes is okay and staying true to our selves brings much happiness that being according to people's wishes . I believe that loving ourselves provides any comfort in the world . And being with family and relatives is also fun ! ( yeah of course there's drama but without it who enjoys life right ?!) Sometimes doing simple things inspires us and being simple is not at all wrong . I learnt that going out in the nature is much better than stucking up at home ( I have to learn this more ! ) And the most important thing , I learnt that there are other people's flaws and we must accept it like we accept our flaws to maintain all kinds of relationships.

Who knew in 2020 , I will learn the most important things of life .

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