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Tie and Dye for Small Business | The Indian Craft that Made People Self Sufficient


At some point in our life, we have all thought about starting our own business. Small businesses are on the growth in current times. People wanting to get out of corporate life or owning a small scale business has given many opportunities to earn independently and become competent.

One of the most popular small business ideas is to create clothes on demand. Customised clothing has taken over the fashion world. During the pandemic, many people have even started to design their clothes. Yet those who can not, have looked up to small businesses for creating the clothes on demand as per their liking.

One of the most efficient technique is tie-dying technique.


Tie-dye technique, popularly known as bandhani in India, is a craft of fabric printing done by tieing the fabric in small circular or square dots and dyeing the fabric in colours of choice to generate a pattern. The term Bandhani means to bind or to tie, hence the technique is named tie-dye as the tided fabric is dyed in natural fabric dyes. Black, blue, red, yellow and green clours are the most popular and prevalent in the Rajasthani and Gujrati style of Bandhani, but in the modern world with the availability of synthetic dies, may non-traditional colours are used.

This technique is particularly prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat region of India. It is essential to use natural fabric dyes and the process must be performed by hand. This craft requires patience and skills. Each part and dot is tied with hands, thus a small mistake can disarrange the whole pattern.

Bandhani is a technique which is functioned to create different patterns in the fabric. Boondi is a pattern which has a circle without the darker core, Ghatadi is a square design, Kori is seashell-shaped, while Chur is a circle with a dark nucleus.

These small prints act as the cell for the figure that is to be formed on the material. The bandhani can be given any shape for the design, creating an overall motif. When the fabric is tied for a long time, it thus gives the fabric a beautiful uneven texture making the pattern provocative

In Small Businesses

The bandhani or tie-dye technique has been the most useful for small business owners in creating the craft. Thus assisting other people in enhance and express their style. Tie-dye is the most preferred form of printing technique as it requires the least amount of tools which reduces the cost input in the process. Nonetheless, this technique is the most skilled demanding and time-consuming.

The tie-dying technique is practised on any material, and piece of cloth empowering the business owner to customisation even more fun and fast approaching.

From hoodies to shirts and blankets, this technique is spreading its root in all the areas. People have started using bleach to dye dark coloured fabric creating a radically new genre of tie-dying.

Another technique small business owners are using is to use fabric dye with ice to generate beautiful patterns in the fabric. New ideas are being explored all around with this technique pushing the boundaries to help people become financially independent.

One of the prominent advantages of this small business idea is that it does not require much capital. Hence teenagers too can become financially independent without much investment while having fun.

Would you like to start a small tie-dying business? Tell us, your view in the comments.

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