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"Time – The most precious Asset in the World"

Hello everyone! I hope that you are utilizing your time very well. If not then let me introduce you to "time", which is a most valuable and precious asset of our life. 'Time', what is time?? 'Time' is like a flowing river. In which you can not touch the same water twice, because the flow in which the water flows has passed away and the same water will never come again. Same is the case with time.

The time that has passed away will never come back at any cost. Nothing can stop the flow of time. A famous writer once said that "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." Time is very precious and we should not waste it in any way. We can earn the money back that we have spent. But we can not bring the time back that we have lost. This fact makes time much more valuable than money.

LIFE teaches us to make good use of TIME, while TIME teaches us the value of LIFE. Everyone should understand the value and importance of time. It is said that "Time and tide waits for none." Time is the most valuable asset in the world. So, we should use it for our good as well as for the good of others who are around us. When we will use time effectively and efficiently, then this will help us and the whole society to move towards a better tomorrow.

We should utilize our time very wisely. This utilization includes setting short term goals and long term dreams, doing regular exercises to stay healthy, fixing tasks for daily life, sleep on time and many more. Make your every day more productive than the previous one. Always stay motivated to achieve something big in your life. Set a goal everyday and make a time-table and wisely follow that time-table to achieve those settled goals. Be productive in everyday activities and try to utilize your time in a best possible manner.

Most people do not understand the value of time until and unless they lose it. But there is a wise saying that 'It is too late to lock the stable-door when the steed is stolen.' But there are people in this world who think that money is more important than time. But they fail to recognise that it is time that has given them the opportunity to earn money.

Time is the only thing in this world that is limitless. Time can make you a king or a begger in just a second. Time is the greatest gift of God to us. There is a famous saying that " If you waste time, then time will waste you." Only this line is quite enough to justify that how precious the time is. And how you can use it in a best way to live a more happier life...... Those people who do their work on time and know the importance of time, they never get embarrassment from their life.

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