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Sumit Raj Jha


Tips to prevent suicidal thoughts


Sometimes in our life we feel helpless, loneliness and at some point some people gets suicidal thoughts. Feeling suicidal is not a character defect, and also it doesn't mean we are weak. It just means that we have more pain than we can cope up. But after sometime with support, we can overcome these suicidal thoughts.

In this article we are going to some tips to prevent suicidal thoughts.

Let us see some facts :

  • Our emotions aren't fixed, they are constantly changing. Everyday we have different feelings.
  • Our absence would create grief and anguish in the lives of our family and friends. Just think our parents worked hard for us for our better life and just think what will happen to our parents if their child does suicide.
  • Sometimes we feel to suicide but very next day we become normal and enjoy our life because our emotions are not fixed, it changes when time passes every second.

Now lets see some tips to prevent suicidal thoughts:

  • Promise yourself not to do anything immediately: Make a promise to yourself that you will not take any big step till at least next 24 hours and in my opinion wait for 1 week. Just wait and think again may your decision changes.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol: Sometimes suicidal thoughts can become even stronger if you have taken drugs or alcohol. Especially don't take non-prescribed drugs when you feel hopeless or thinking about suicide.
  • Make your room safe: Remove things from your room like pills, knives, scissors, blade and other harmful things as these things can encourage your suicidal thoughts. Especially spend most of your time with your family as spending time with them may relax your mind and you drop your thoughts.
  • Don't keep these suicidal feelings to yourself: Talk with someone who you trust and who give you good advice and cares for you. Talking to them will make you feel better.
  • Don't loose hope: Never loose hope as many people go through this situation so just keep hope and believe in god, everything will be fine.

Now some Do's and Dont's when someone have suicidal thoughts:


  • Talk to someone every day, especially face to face if possible.
  • Make a safety plan like consulting doctor or therapist, as well as family and friends who will help in emergency.
  • Spend time in nature it will relax your mind.
  • Do exercise or yoga regularly.
  • Just remember your personal goals and about your friends.


  • Never be alone.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • Don't do things that make you feel worse like listening sad songs or watching suicidal films.
  • Thinking about suicide and negative thoughts.

Lets see some steps to recover from suicidal thoughts:

  1. Identifying situations: Identify situation that leads to suicidal or negative thoughts and avoid that situations.
  2. Take care of yourself: Don't skip meals and take plenty of sleep. Do exercise regularly. It releases endorphins which relieves stress and promotes emotional well being.
  3. Stay positive: Always be positive, it will make you feel good.
  4. Develop new interests: By developing new interests it will divert your mind and you will feel good.
  5. Find some healthy way to deal with stress: Do meditation and yoga that relaxes your mind.

CONCLUSION: Suicidal thoughts are common in everyone's life and we have to see how we can overcome these thoughts. Always be positive and spend time with family members.

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