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Top 5 World's smallest countries, let's Explore

Everyone Talks about world's largest countries, but very few wants to know about smallest countries in the world.

So today we are going to explore top 5 smallest countries in the world.

(*) Liechtenstein

It is the 5th smallest country in the world , it is 160km² long , with a population of about 38,800(according to 2018 -2019 report). It a tiny landlocked country between Switzerland and Austria. It is country in Europe, very safe to travel , it has several specialties such as if you see their medivial castles you may think that you entered in a game full of Royal fantasy.


  1. Liechtenstein's per capita GDP is $165,028 — the second-highest in the world.
  2. The official language in Liechtenstein is German
  3. Liechtenstein not only has one of the highest wage levels in Europe but is also one of the most expensive countries in Europe to live in.

(*) San Marino

It is country in Europe with an Area of 61.2km² , and contains population of around 34000(according to 2019 -2020 reports). It is the 4th smallest country in the World , landlocked country surrounded by Italy. This country is very safe to travel. Here Crimes are mostly related to theft , and public insult.


  1. San Marino is said to be the world's oldest surviving republic.
  2. This country is popular for its tourism industry .
  3. San Marino exports large amount of building materials such as tiles , Ceramic, paints and many more small things. And this is the main source of its Income
  4. The official Language in San marino is Italian.

(*) Tuvalu

It is a country in Oceania with a population of around 11,900 people (according to 2019 reports). Its area is about 25km² in Area ,and that's why it got 4th place in world's smallest country. Travelers should not worry about crimes in the country, because things like violent crime do not exists there. It is considered as the one of the most silent and safest country.


  1. The small island nation relies primarily on subsistence living.
  2. Its an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth.
  3. The world smallest country, may disappear in future due to global warming, rising sea level , and storms.
  4. The official language in Tuvalu is Tuvaluan and English.

(*) Monaco

It is a country in Europe with a population of 39150 according to 2019-2020 reports. Its area is too small , 202 hectares that means 2.2km². But it is very surprising how it accommodated 39150 People in just 2.2km²but I think that's how it gained 2nd ranking in world's smallest countries. If safety is your number one priority in a destination, then Monaco might be the perfect place to visit.


  1. The murder rate in Monaco stands at roughly one per decade.
  2. Tax Haven: one of the main reasons why a lot of wealthy people decide to move to Monaco is to reduce the amount of income tax they must pay.
  3. Monaco is known as Billionaire's Playground. The city is famous for is lavish wealth and availability of Casinos very frequently.
  4. It is not confirmed that what language they actually speak but according to some surveys 60% population speaks French language.

(*) Vatican City

Well it's not a city , it is full name of Vatican. This Country is even smaller than a normal city. It is a country in Europe with a Total Area of 44 hectares and that's why it is able to hold its position to number one smallest country in the world and it has a population of about 875 people. It is not too safe for the travelers because there are very less facilities ,theft is a common crime here.


  1. It is famous for Vatican Museums and world's most famous paintings and sculptures
  2. Vatican City the 18th wealthiest nation in the world per capita.
  3. Nobody is born in Vatican City because there are no hospitals or facilities to cater to the birth of children.
  4. It can be annoying to be banned from wearing shorts in the heat of summer, but the Vatican is serious about keeping knees covered.
  5. Here official spoken language is Italian and Latin.

I think Europe ate all the smallest countries.

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