By- Ranisha Agrawal
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Ranisha Agrawal


Toxic Friendship

Reality Check

People have heard about how relationships become unhealthy after a certain point of time.The signsthat show you and the person you thought as your partner are not made for each other. Heartbreaks and grudges make people vulnerable and afraid to trust once again. Time taken for every individual to cope up differs and we move on leaving back toxic memories and people.

Now here we go, relationship means a tempting bond , connection and attachment with our loved ones. Relationships not always mean an affection with your life partner ,it may be a

father-daughter bond,brother- sister love or FRIENDSHIPS.

It's not mandatory that typical love relationships are harmful and unhealthy and get broken

easily ,it may apply to friendships too.

Friends hold a vital role in every individual's life. Socializing , development ,mutual trust,a sense of belongingness are learned through the crazy process of friendship.

But sometimes friendships tend to take the wrong curve in life and we feel disheartened , hopeless and exhausted due to

some reasons. “Life is one ,make it large and learn at every step”.We should learn from each and every experience of life and at every possible moment we can. Similarly we are ought to

grow in love and friendships instead we end up falling and losing are real identity in this insane world.

You feel friendships are unhealthy when you know a lot of drama is going on between you and your friends.They intentionally drag you into chaos just for their sake.There is a huge difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’.Friends who want you will never disagree to help and to be a listener.In short you can lean back upon them.But when toxic and ungraceful people need you they will try to take advantage of you in every best possible way and when you are in need

excuses,lies ,call rejections , text ignorance will come your way.At these times we question ourselves that what went wrong and what is there to be done about it?

Real friends are those who support ,advice and help you in your nurturing process.But what happenswhen this nurturing is converted into jealousy,competence and negative vibrations?Your world is turned upside down and you are no longer emotionally stable to deal

with confused emotions.You end up calling your friends snakes who bite form the back.

But is it right to take decisions so quick ,blame your friends and tag them as snakes?What might be the reason that your friendships are ruined?All we end up is saying that friends don't stay with me and no matter what I do ,they leave .

Seasons change and so do moods change in phases. Emotional and physical well being transforms our attitude during teenage years. Sometimes as humans we need rest too.We want

a break from our friendship responsibilities,we want to focus on our distraughted lives,we want a break from helping people and instead help our retarded mind,we don’t feel like hanging out

for a while .We just need a break and this dosen’t means that your friends are becoming back stabbers. Not everyone feels like asking for help in their rough phases , some tend to just find

solutions themselves.

It happens that we ignore our friends and wish to hangout with a bunch of new people , but this does not always means that we have forgotten our old friends.Its just that our souls crave for a change , some new people , new life experiences and lessons.


Give people time , they need time to figure things out and never take decisions too quick.

“Old is gold and you cannot change that fact”

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