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So I was just going through my Instagram feeds where I found a post telling about this amazing Museum in Netherland. This museum was so attractive and interesting. Here one can travel through a human body and understand the working of human system. Technologies used by them are wonders.

After seeing that post I just googled about this museum to research about it and know more about this wonderful building. After my research I decided to write an article on this museum for you all who must have not listen about this museum.

So here we gooo....

The Corpus Museum is a human biology interactive museum, located near Oegstgeest in the Netherlands.Billed as "a journey through the human body", the museum provides both education and entertainment through a combination of permanent and variable collections.

This museum was opened in 2008 by Queen Beatrix, the museum is the world's first museum of its type. "Travel through the Human Body"

How does the heart work? What do red blood cells do? What happens when you sneeze? In a trip from head to toe you’ll discover the answers to thousands of questions about the human body. CORPUS uses the latest techniques to make you understand how the human body works. Sounds, 5D effects and gigantic replicas create the illusion of traveling through an actual body.

The Corpus Museum’s hour-long tour begins with an escalator ride up the leg to the knee, where visitors will step inside an open wound. Next comes the genital area, where visitors will put on 3D glasses to witness a sperm cell fertilizing an egg. Farther up the giant body come the intestines, where you can witness the digestion of a cheese sandwich before your eyes. After passing through the ventricles of the human heart, visitors reach the head.

Here, adults can observe pulsing neurons in the brain, while children can jump atop a giant tongue as a burping sound erupts from a speaker system.

The museum’s upper floor features multiple interactive activities and a cafeteria. As visitors eat, they can look at the giant orange man jutting through the glass walls beside them.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and would love to visit there. Please share your valuable review in the comment section below...

Thank you

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