By- Ananya singh
~I write what I feel in silence ∆

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Ananya singh



What is trust? Often we relate trust with loyalty and honesty . But sometimes it also leads to the feeling of insecurity . Sometimes trust and insecurity conflict and results in a misunderstanding that was definitely not the intention of any party . Often we convey something to a person with a trust that he/ she would not disclose it in a wrong manner or publicly .

But in the need of the environment or during the conversation it breaks from the mouth and results in conflicts and misunderstanding .

So both truth and insecurity are somewhat related to each other .

How can we avoid such conflicts or misunderstanding?

People say it is the power of silence that matters the most.

We can trust any person , and it is not necessary that the wrong intention of the person results in so , it is the environment which compels the person.

FEEL: POWER OF SILENCE There is a lot of truth in the saying that " silence is golden" . If you can sit for some time , assess what your heart says , then you will be definitely successful in life .

Trust is something that gives us hope that the world is a place where faith exist , whether in god or in any person you are close to .

So there is no particular parameter to review between truth or insecurity as they are both contrasting to each other.

Do: If you are not one of those who can look for god within you, you should have faith in God , trust God because at least once you will find the inner peace on association with God, insecurities are all around the life , trust is something difficult but trust and faith in god will definitely give you the inner strength that is necessary in this modern world.

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