By- Kashish Soni

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Kashish Soni



"Don't panic..! I will let you go, first listen to my conditions." said an unknown.

"I don't know you. Why did you bring me here?" I asked.

He started telling his conditions. He asked me to stay with him for 90 days in a big villa besides a swimming pool and a beautiful garden. Of course I didn't agree! Why would I live with an unknown for these many days. But unfortunately I was kidnapped, I had no option left with me. He tied me with ropes on a chair. I tried to ran away from the place but security systems were installed everywhere in the house. He gave me two days to decide. I had 2 choices :- Die or Live here for 90 days. He provided me with tasty meals and elegant clothes. I preferred living here than losing my life.

My first 30 days spent so well. I was allotted a special room with all the facilities available. But I still could not figure out the reason of keeping me here. On the 31st day, I tried to know the answer so I went to that person's room. And I was overwhelmed to see that the person was a vampire who possessed some magical powers. He was planning something uneven with the servants. I ran towards the main gate. Suddenly, the person..uh no the vampire actually arrived at the moment. He saw me outside his room. I was curious to know the whole story but I also wanted to get rid of this villa. He took me to his room and told that he fell in love with me, the reason he kidnapped me. He did not confessed it because he knew I would have said a clear no to him. How can I live with a vampire knowing that he could harm me at any moment?? He convinced me to listen to the whole scenario and hypnotized to marry him. I wa at the church with him and then I heard..."Heyy! wakeee upppp!!!" Oh damn that was a nightmare.

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