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Tanya srivastava


Waking up at 5:30 am for 1 week


" it only take few efforts to do something better for your life".

It depends on which time your body feels super productive. So after experimenting for few month i realized that i am not a night person . I was literally soo guilty after waking around like 12 pm and from so long i wanted to built a good lifestyle.

One day ,in evening Me and one of my friend we were just sitting on the terrace and discussing about our lives, at that moment from nowwhere we decided to wake up early in the morning around 5:30 to basically to improve our daily routine and do some workout and play badminton for 1.5 hours .

So here is my experience :-

sleep schedule was the main problem . it will get better by practicing . it was sooo hard to fall asleep which is most important if you want to wake up early. If i don't get my enough sleep ,i will be irritated for the whole day and it was not easy to sleep around 11' o clock for the person who sleeps like 4 am in the morning . For 1-3 days i was walking up with 3 to 4 hours of sleep and obviously it was not enough. So i always took nap for 3 to 4 hour in the day. [one tip ,first improve your sleep schedule before deciding to wake up early ]

So i have to be strict with my self .self discipline is the most important to built a habit ,so i decided not to tough my phone one hour before and lay in bed so that i would have time to fall asleep.

Sometimes i felt like giving up but i have a friend with me and for her i have wake up and that what helped to push through . waking up was not that hard if i sleep on time.

-I was feeling full filled that i was utilizing the time.

- i had so much time on my hand .

-My productivity level has increased upto 60% and i was much more happier than before through out the day .

- It improved my routine of course.

-I has time to think about my mental health , physical health,etc etc.

So all in all ,

Now i love waking up early . Now i wake up daily no matter what . I love the feeling for having so much time in your hand ..

Try it you will not regret ..

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