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Walking And Running


Ever since the beginning of this Covid-19 era, developing immunity has become an obligation and everyone from a small child to the elderly ones have started laying emphasis on their immunity. The best way people have sought to develop their immunity is by Walking and Running.


Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that provides many health benefits but unless it’s done at a very fast pace or a long-distance it does not reap those many benefits. Despite this advantage, as compared to other forms of cardio exercises, there are many good reasons to walk. For beginners, intense cardio exercises may be unsafe and thus walking is the best exercise one can do to keep their heart-healthy. Walking is a low-impact and easy way to gradually improve fitness levels and then turn towards the much more intense exercises. The people suffering from injuries can also seek benefits from walking, which becomes the most extreme exercise that their health allows with that injury but walking works as a medium to let them keep their fitness levels at the best levels.

Walking comes with many more Pros which are as follows:


It is the easiest exercise to do and can be done anywhere irrespective of the type of place one is in. Going for a walk when one is feeling tired is an easy-to-do exercise rather than grabbing a cup of coffee. Walking also increases the amount of oxygen intake by our body which as a result increases the levels of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine which are the hormones responsible for elevating energy levels in our body.


Lack of regular exercises makes the joints weak and feeble, which in turn, increases the likelihood of many joint problems like osteoporosis. Walking puts less impact on the knees and joints than other intense workouts like running, stair climbing etc. Regular walking makes the ligaments and tissues strong.


An average car produces 423g of carbon dioxide per mile, adding up to 5.1 metric tons per year and many more gases in the environment like methane, nitrous oxide etc. By walking to walkable distances rather than riding there can provide us with life-long mobility and reduce the environmental pollution levels.

There are many Cons of walking which are as follows: -


If a person is planning to reduce weight by walking then it’s a really bad decision. Walking is not an intense form of exercise and will fail to maintain a person’s objective of burning a specific number of calories. It yields half the number of calories burnt by running.


Only the lower body parts are the target area of walking and sometimes there is the engagement of core muscles. For a more well-rounded training program, circuit training is the best of them all, which recruits all the muscles of one’s body and increases the increases lean muscle mass, thereby burning calories even when a person is sitting. Walking is totally incapable of that.


In order to meet the minimum exercise requirements recommended by the health authorities, at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercises must be done by a person each day but walking acts as a very low-impact exercise so a person needs to do a 150-minutes long session to match the minimum requirements and lead a healthy life.



Running is a much more beneficial exercise as compared to walking if seen in terms of impact and the rate at which it can help a person burn up the calories. Running increases the flow of oxygen in our body helps improve memory, fight cognitive decline, reduces stress and lowers the risk of dying from any cause whatsoever. It is the cheapest way of burning calories at the same rate at which highly-priced exercise classes and gym memberships do. There is no investment in boots, bikes and surfboards.

But running also comes with a very harmful disadvantage which is the risk of injury. If a person was inactive for a long time and suddenly starts running then it may put the person at risk of serious injuries.

Running is good for both your body and your brain. It is expected to reduce the depression and anxiety level of a person and improves the heart-health of a people.


Walking and Running both prove to be great heart healer and can help in burning calories, but running helps to achieve the targets really faster than walking. Therefore, a person who has the capacity to run should choose running as the option and if someone is not capable of running then he/she should at least start walking regularly to lead a healthy and prosperous life. 

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