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Web series vs movies


Web series vs movies

"Bade-bade shehro me aisi choti choti baatein to hoti rehti hai". I can bet that everyone who is reading this article must have heard this dialogue from the evergreen blockbuster -DDLJ. Thanks to Bollywood for giving us our legend- Shah Rukh Khan. So we all agree that our CINEMA is reshaped in such a form which is worth remembering.

But today, now that we enter 2021, we have gone through a lot. Covid-19 has been the reason for all of us to change small things that shape our lives. 

Talking about the entertainment industry, we have now switched to OTT platforms rather than going to movie theaters. The hustle and bustle of cinema halls have slowly ended up. People are now feeling comfortable to stay at home and watch movies and mainly web series, relaxing in their beds and chilling. I am sure you must have heard:- " Netflix and Chill."

But there is one thing. Some people still think that what movies have done is commendable. We should not forget the essence of cinema.

Let's review out the unsaid war between WEB SERIES & MOVIES and how they are better than each other:-


  • Anytime and anywhere

Take out your phone and laptop, sit somewhere comfortably, open apps like amazon prime, NetFlix, or Hotstar, and yay; you are ready to watch!

This is what makes web series more approachable. Whether you are sitting in a metro, home or even a bus, web series are handy for all. You can watch any episode anytime and see it all. This is the major factor that makes web series an amazing place to hang out virtually!

  • A wide arena where everyone gets to play

No matter whether you are a star kid or not, you get the opportunity to showcase your talent. Generally, OTT platforms do not constrain themselves to a certain genre. They like to experiment with new topics and new talent. They rely on acting skills rather than on the budget of the movie. So if are ready to explore new ideas and characters, you should choose web series over movies.

  • Youth-oriented content

Bored from the age-old phenomenon of villain and hero? Want to see a female-led movie? Do you want to see the villain fighting for a good cause? Then OTT platforms are a savior. Nowadays, people like transition, females as lead characters, performances, and stories. For movies, this is not usual because films are made to generate only profits, while web series are made to engage the audience. This is why you can find content that is different from the ordinary substance you got till now.

If you want to have a taste of subjects that matter to society, you can rely on web series.

Till now, I listed some of the points that highlight the main advantage of web series over movies. But there are many other points, which explain how movies can never be neglected. Let's see how:-


  • Less time? Movies are your companion

Web series are engaging. So they can take up a lot of your time. While movies end up in 2-3 hours, web series can take up 13-14 hours of yours in a single day (if you binge-watch). So if you are a working professional, web series can be time-consuming. Therefore, movies have an advantage on this point.

  • A big screen, spectacular sounds, and effects

No matter how much you say, still, everyone loves to watch anything on a big screen, with majestic sound effects and get an all through a stirring experience. This fact can't be denied by any web series lover. And what's better than watching this stunning view with family?

We know this can't be achieved through

web series.

  • Censored content

Censorship has been playing a great role in the world of cinemas since it was born. Thus, it is crucial to restrict the type of content that people see. For example, in web series, where no censor board is there, any type of adult content is accessible to everyone, including children. So this is a negative point that comes with web series. But for movies, we have a censor board. Everything is not displayed easily. It has to go through certain procedures to be shown on the big screen. 

Movies are, therefore, more reliable in this matter.

So far I have listed all the points which are vital to deciding between web series and movies. Thus, according to me, web series are in a win-win situation, but with certain conditions that restrict the type of viewers in terms of age group.

What do you think is better; Web series or movies?

Comment down 'W' if you like web series and 'M' if you love movies.

Thank you for reading this and share this article among your peer group.






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