By- Kirti Bhandari
Knowledge freak, passionate explorer. I love conversations.

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Kirti Bhandari


Weight of my emotions


That Saturday afternoon after a long hard day you dropped a text;

"I have so much to tell you, when can I call you next."

I scrunched my face, I wanted to be left alone;

I just wanted my own company, smoke and that's all.

Still, you were sweet and kind to me always;

So told you, tonight or after today.

I was not anticipating or expecting it, so when I heard the buzz I did got scared;

Who is it that's calling me so late?

Your voice calmed the panic

And shushed my racing mind;

It's was alright, it told me in quiet.

Your voice is a deep as your mind

And as soft as your character, lover at it's best;

We talked about your day and nights.

We talked about heaven, hell and the rest.

The night turned to day, days into the week;

Id force my eyes open to just hear you speak.

I know your heartbreaks and your sad days;

I never told mine for your would crunch under the weight.

Weight of my emotions if I opened up.

It was selfish I know yet I flirted;

I knew you fall too soon yet I did it.

I showed you the girl you wanted,

I pretended to be her;

The damsels in distress, the girl who was really hurt.

I never knew when I stop pretending and showed the real me

The vulnerable, the shy and meek.

But I knew it was a phase;

the emotions are a waste of space.

know I'll be over the joke that we have;

I've been too many time in this half.

I am hopeful but not naive;

For I know the drama that you like.

You're not here for a walk, even stroll;

You want a clown and soon you'll be gone.

I can't pretend to be the caged Bird that you want;

I am an eagle

And the best hunter of 'em all.

So I'll entertain and have fun as long as it lasts;

And leave you with my memory and leave without a single scare.

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