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Shaurya Vardhan


What 5 best things can we learn from a 5 year old child


I still remember how people used to laugh at my childish antics back in my childhood days.

As we grow, we gain new lessons, new experiences, new knowledge and many more. Moreover, we collect moments of happiness, sorrow, perplexion and so on. In addition to this, the age keeps on adding responsibilities on the shoulders of childrecn.

Today, I'm going to tell the lessons a person can learn from a five-year old. yeah ,that sounds interesting.

[ * ] They Stuggle a lot!

Yes, you heard it right. Everything is new to a child in this world. He has learnt his mother tongue shortly before still he tries to understand , tries to express his feelings.

[ * ] They try to Explore!

Yes , this also a true fact that they try to explore new things , new places , new people , and they believe in gaining new experiences .

Sometimes they get surprised at how the small technical things work as they uncover its reality.

[ * ] They always smile:)

they will always smile no matter what , they can never be angry for long. They can even bring smile on your faces. They love everyone in nature , people , animals. That's why they are good at friendship ,they never judge.

[ * ] They learn from their Mistakes

They learn from their bad experiences , such as insult in front of family members ; while doing some work got an electric shock and many more. After such bad experiences they rarely repeat the mistake .

[ * ] Learn then Apply!

They learn new things from everyone , from everywhere (from School , sports club , Home etc).They apply these teaching in their life. We were taught in childhood that if an unknown person gives something, never take it ,don't even go anywhere with him.Do not go with him even if he says he know your parents.

[ * ] Always Active

they are always filled with energy , always ready to play and learn , they love to contribute and participate in every activity , even if they don't know how to do it .

I still remember , I did not know how to draw but I still did. Knowing that there are lots of talented artists in my class.

I have highlighted these points because these lines can bring a noticeable change.

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