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Yamini Sharma


What according to you is the biggest mistake in your life? How can you work on it?


'TO ERR IS HUMAN…' Mistakes, experimentation, and failure are the hot topic in education and creativity circles these days. Everyone makes mistakes, some regret them and some take up the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Is making mistakes really all that bad? Can we demystify our fear of failure? I’d love to share my perspective. If I think about it now, according to me, the biggest mistake of my life is not exploring my opportunities and making efforts to come out of my comfort zone. I have always seeked an escape inside a comfort zone. Deciding to take up a risk requires a lot of courage, stepping into the unknown and seeing how it goes, it requires the trust on own judgement about making a decision that could possibly go wrong, but then still having enough courage to understand that if it all goes that way then you are strong enough to withstand the consequences and bounce back

with more energy. I have never liked trying new things because of the fear of failure, but now I have reached such a point where if I look back there is nothing interesting I have done that are are worth remembering. I don't want to miss the time of my life and regret missing the correct opportunities.

When I was a kid and every new day, my parents forced me to try new things even if I didn’t want to. As a child, living in a comfort zone was a fun escape for me. Seeing but not being seen. However, as an adult, the concept and strategy of a comfort zone just isn't compatible with living a productive life.  There is always opportunity to grow, no matter what age you are or situation you’re in. But we need to understand that failure isn’t the end of the road, it’s the beginning. We learn and gain more from failure than we do from succeeding and way more than if we never took the chance in the first place. I have realised that Comfort zones are where dreams go to die. Hopes are buried in the dirt and your unique potential in life can turn to dust forever.

I want to learn from my mistakes, come out of my comfort zone, accept life is not a calm ride and decide to get into a roller coaster, explore my interests and work on it. I want to pace up small and achievable steps towards improving myself instead of repeating them again and  gain valuable wisdom.

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