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Shifa Ansari


What are your expectations from a perfect trip?


Things to take care before going to vacation.

1. They want to have a clarity on the journey.

I am taking an example on a package tour. Those who are registered must be given a clear account of the route. That would include who would pick them up from the airport /railway station, where they would be staying, how long would they get to freshen up etc. I am talking about the small things. Having clear idea about the trip make people feel that they are in control and that they would like it.

2. People expect that they would meet happy people when they are on vacation.

A key point in tourism and hospitality is that, all the people involved in it must be pleasant.

People tolerate a glumpy officer if they are waiting to get a gas connection, but hey, this is our vacation we expect pleasant people around.

3. When booking for a package tour people want to know how much would it exactly cost.

I have seen many package tour websites, where they are vague about the cost of the package. Moreover they are very vague about what all are included and excluded in the package. Most often people hesitate to book tickets with such operators.

4. People visting unfamiliar places would greatly benefit from the help of a great guide. Make aure the guide speaks fluently in the language of the tourists. Also make sure the guide doesn't push the tourist to try out some 'shops' or 'places' that they don't want to. The guide can suggest but cannot force.

5. And yes, everyone loves not so intruding, yet friendly driver. A grumpy man cursing the traffic wouldn't be idol to drive tourist car.

6. People think that they can cover every attraction in a place with limited time they have.

No place is perfect, even those that exceed our expectations, and unexpectedly surprise us, do so in ways we'd never see coming.

In a perfect world, we'd book trips and travel to places whitout any preconceived notions or expectations, our minds completely free of ideas about what we had find when we arrived. But the world isn't perfect. In technology saturated age in which we live, it's all but impossible visit a new place without having any ideas as to what's it like the very act of planning a trip embeds expectations into our psyche-- standards of what things will look like, which experiences will be better than others, what the food will taste like and how the people will act. And there is nothing we can do about existence of such expectations. But this reality begs the question. How do we experience a new destination free of bias? How can we have rich travel experiences without that thing called comparison?

The answer is we can't.

There will always be a gap between how we expect a place to be and how it is in reality. But we travel to discover what lies in that gap, to see what we can find in the space in between. In order for that discovry to happen, though we must be willing to acknowledge gap, you must admit that the gap exists, and leave yourself open to possibility of disappointment. And we must try to be ready to put in the work to understand that disappointment when you encounter it. You must embrace your expectations to discover what really is out there, atleast that's what I have learned. I kept list of places I have to visit, I hung a world map on my bedroom wall and printed out pictures of beautiful destinations to pin around the border. I imagined myself an explorer, traveler to whom every place was an adventure. That world hadn't lived upto my expectations and I didn't know how to deal with it. Comparison may be the thief of joy, but it shouldn't steal pleasure from your travel experiences. Exception exists, there is nothing we can do but lean into it. From the above mentioned is all matters is satisfaction and pleasure, no area of doubt should arise, lastly the trip should be memorable that one should crave for coming back sooner again.

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