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What do people deliberately do to impress others?

Reality Check

What do people deliberately do to impress others?

'Your personality matters the most. Be presentable for the interview.'

You must have heard this saying from your seniors and teachers. To some extent, this is right. Yes, the way you present yourself is an important factor for the corporate world. You may call it 'Impressing others'. We all have this thing in common. We love to show things in a certain way that is likable by many. But is this even required?

Let's delve into this topic.

As human beings, we can speak, express how we feel, and tell our desires. So to get something, we use our persuasion skills, as in the case of any salesman. But many of us are not always in this line of getting something. Some people love to get attention. They love how people like what they wear, how they talk, what they eat, and what they do for a living. By impressing, they don't mean to get something from others. They just need is attention. So when they go-ahead to present themselves nicely, they end up being boastful of what they have and this not only creates a negative impact on others but also provokes them to think that they are too bling. This destroys their game.

Attention-seeking individuals are not always wrong. To impress others is a good way to make someone agree with your point of view, everyone does that. In offices, employees do this thing every single day. Even a student does this but this is not always wrong. The moment this becomes just for oneself, everything goes wrong.

Let's check on the ways what do people deliberately do to impress others:-

  1. By always speaking and not listening

How many times have you seen people around you who always speak in between the conversation and not listen at all? It might have occurred with every one of you because some people are always there who try to intensify their point. Their idea was to show themselves as someone who is strong-headed and clear. But this goes just adverse and rather this creates a mindset on others that he/she is too stubborn to impose his/her ideas upon others. This is the wrong way to do so.

  1. By dressing too much

This is the most common way by which people want to showcase what they have and what others do not. This is the worst you can do to persuade others. Dressing up is an important part of life and the less you focus on dressing, the more attractive you look. Exaggerating your look, this shows how much you can go over the board. So, another disaster people do to impress others.


  1. Showcasing the outer part, not the inner self

I have taken many interviews in the past years and I am fed up seeing people who blabber about what they want to be rather than who they are. A person's inner beauty defines the true identity. What this world wants is people who are willing to show what they really can achieve. When a person boasts off too much, it shows that they are scared to reveal their true identity. 

This is also wrong for one to do so.

So far I have discussed the ways by which people try to impress others deliberately. I expect this helps individuals know what they were doing wrong till now.

As 2020 bids goodbye, we have learned now that what matters the most is the bond that we all share. This is what connects us. So rather than impressing others, let's impress ourselves with our qualities and nature.

I hope this will help you in your coming life.

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