By- Yamini Sharma
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Yamini Sharma


What if I give up?



As we all are battling Covid 19 pandemic, we should make sure to be safe, hopeful and not give up!

The story revolves around a girl, around 24 years old, named Asma.

Asma started penmanship when she was in eighth grade. She held a fascination towards literature since childhood, always retreating to the backyard of the house with a book and a pen in hand. It was a sanctuary for her from the stressed out and troubled world. From jotting down her feelings to creating an imaginary world, from writing daily diary entries to choosing writing as her career option, it was sturdy for her.

In the early days after she graduated, She started on writing a novel, the genre selected, a paranormal mystery, her favourite, plot planned, aesthetics prepared, excitement at its limit after all it would be her first novel! She began putting down her thoughts into words, beautifully penning scenarios, reactions and completed within an year, ready to be submitted to the literary agent. Though incredibly challenging, it was necessary. Asma went to the literary agent, one of the most famous around the city, she was in contract with, nervousness apparent and submitted her novel. After few weeks, the agent contacted Asma regarding her book " I don't remember the last time I read such an admirable plot, the feelings are deep. But I don't think this novel is ready to be published yet. You need to make it more engaging and use the power of words rightfully. I think you should go through it again, edit out some parts and solidify your content. You possess the talent of becoming a novelist, just a need a little bit more polishing to shine like a diamond. " Even though the agent meant good his words bought disappointment for Asma. After this incident, she continued on her novel and proposed it to the same agent several times, but all in vain.

Asma was on the way back to her apartment from the agents' office, it's been 3 years, yet she couldn't get the approval on her first novel. She was losing all hopes. It seemed tempting to just quit and move on. " What if I never get the approval? Maybe I am not destined to become a novelist. Am I not giving my best? What if I give up? ". With all these negative thoughts running in her mind making her downhearted and feeling inferior. She scrambled into the metro and took her seat still feeling down. She noticed the old man sitting next to her, maybe around 50 years, had a prominent smile on his face even before she came and sat. In her state of dispiritedness, it was frustrating to look at. "What are you so happy about?", Asma asked. "Well, it is a joyful day for me.", the old man replied. "And how is that?", she asked again. "You see dear, today I received a degree in technical analysis after finally graduating from this prestigious University",  he replied enthusiastically. To say that Asma was shocked would be an understatement. Before Asma could ask further questions, the man continued, " I had to quit my college because of  family issues, I didn't get the chance to graduate since I was made to earn so that I could provide my family with financial aid, and after so many years of hard work and determination I have my degree."  This episode worked as fuel for Asma's dreams and a life lesson, she was again filled with passion. "Never give Up", she thought.

"Tomorrow might be the day your dream finally comes true. And if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it could happen the day after that."

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