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Reality Check


After publishing my last article "LOVE IN THE AIR❤️" (I hope you all have read it; if not then you can check it out in the poetry section), I got a query from one of my dear readers regarding what actually is a "CRUSH"🤔? Is it something who can crush you anytime😂? Or is it the one whom you can crush anytime🤪?

Ha-Ha sorry for this crushing game and let's be serious🙂

So, she surfed the internet and got so many meanings that confused her a lot and i have decided to let her help making a clear sense regarding the subject. 

Guys, let me clear one thing that this topic is really very critical. There is no particular meaning or definition of a CRUSH. Its meaning, intensity & everything depends on the perspective of people. Everyone has their own mentality and aspect of thinking. 😄

Here, I'll try to put up my views on the same but i request you all to put up your views too in the comment section.😉


In our life till now, everyone would have experienced or came across a situation where you would have felt something different for a particular person; either by their physical appearance or by their behaviour😳. That sudden feeling of being into that person can make him your crush😍. You'll experience to love each and everything about that person. You'll ignore his flaws and just want to be with him. 😌

Yes, it's true that crushes change overtime as the feeling you have for him is that of attraction and this is to be noted that first stage of love is nothing else but either attraction (in case of other people) or attachment (in case of family members)😊. Now if you think deeply then yes you got my point😉; You can give or get love from your crush if you are able to make that person feel the same as you do😍

Now if you do have any crush then i would like to request you to please put up your earphones, play a romantic song, take a deep breath and think about that person while reading below: 🤭

He is the one with whom you would like to spend most of your quality time! 😍

Yeah, his SMILE! the one which you are obsessed with!😁   

You just want to talk every sort of thing with him!😋

OMG! his EYES, that drives you crazy!👀

His presence makes you feel cheered up!😌

Your jealousy when he gets cozy with some other girl! 😡

Your desire to just look at him as many as times possible!🙈

Hey! is your heart beating quite fast?💓 just because of thinking about him!😜

Oh, my my, see you started blushing too!😋

HAHA, lets end this.


You may have found these statements as filmy but trust me more or less you'll feel the same about that person. 

My apologies to the male readers as i have put up my thoughts for females because this was just to solve the query of one of my female reader. But you can relate all these.😊

Now it's time to say goodbye! 

I'll come up soon with something new! 

Till then, my wishes are with you to be someone's crush or to go ahead with the one you like!🤭😝



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