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Riya bhati




Growth is when a caterpillar decides to be butterfly

Growth is when a child learns to speak

Growth is when a plant turns into a tree

Growth is when few raindrops form an entire mesmerizing ocean

Growth happens when what you were yesterday does not define you anymore

Growth is when we accept our mistakes and move on to be a better person to be a better version of ourselves

Growth is everlasting growth gives us live and then later gives it a purpose, a purpose to be better, to do better, to feel better. There's always always hope for growth. It may small but it is always significant though not to the world but to the person who is growing in his own way . Growth is growth, no matter how small

Some people might think why exactly growth is needed when we are perfectly fine on our own, well because each and every individual each and every living breathing being on this planet is capable of something more, something more defining, something beautiful so why not reach that potential, why not accept our flaws and embrace them and grow in life, why shouldn't we leave our comfort zones for a while to achieve long lasting growth

When a seed is buried deep in the ground it wonders and feels it's life is over but then one fine day it arises above the same ground it was buried in, then it becomes a sapling which later grows into a plant, the same small plant which one day turns into a mighty tree and just when the tree thinks it won't go ahead of this, it blooms flowers which turn into lovely fruits. This is growth, no matter how painful, no matter how long it takes, there's always room for it

Failure does not define a person and comfort zone is the most poisonous place on earth, it will lead you nowhere, it will never allow you to grow and what happens to the ever flowing life giving water when it stops flowing? What happens when it just remains collected at one place? It becomes stagnant. The same water which was once a source of life now becomes foul and stagnant.

That is what happens to a person when they stop where they are. Do not be afraid of growth, embrace it cherish it and it shall prosper you in most splendid ways.

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