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What is the crucial loss India has faced during the lockdown period?

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Most of the country adopted lockdown to tackle with Covid-19. Partial or full lockdown is one of the prime quarantine strategies adopted by countries to control the exploding infection. Just like it, India also adopted the policy of lockdown which means that the people in the given area must stay where they are and must exit or enter other places. A lockdown usually allows essential supplies, grocery stores, pharmacies and banks to continue to serve the people. This is also the time to see and test how prepared India is for fighting off a global pandemic.

PM Narendra Modi announced complete lockdown in India from 24th March midnight.

Lockdown is a very good way to prevent the spread of covid 19 but as we all know all the things have both the bad as well as good. Yes, it is necessary for the safety of the citizens. But lockdown resulted in a crucial loss for India.

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Crucial loss faced by India during the lockdown period

Sharp Rise in Unemployment

Millions of people might have lost their jobs in the first few weeks of the lockdown. Due to the lockdown, daily-wage workers were left with no work. Young people in the region face greater labour market disruption and job losses than adults are that nearly half of them were employed in the four sectors hardest hit by the crisis. The sectors are wholesale and retail trade and repair; manufacturing; rental and business services; and accommodation and food services. There is a huge and immediate rise in Unemployment due to lockdown.


Most of the countries decided to close the educational institutions to prevent the spread of covid 19 in the youth. In response to the closure of educational institutions, everyone adopted the system of online learning and teaching. Many children are struggling to keep up with the challenges of online classes. Due to online study, cheating has become very easier for students in the examination. Therefore, the study of the students is suffering a lot.

Tour and Travel

Tour and Travel plays a very important role in the GDP composition of India. Due to lockdown, tour and travels are restricted by the government to control the spread of covid 19. All the citizens become conscious of their life and started cancelling their trips and tours for the security of their life. A lot of families spent their vacations in their homes instead of going for an outing. Most of the families utilised their savings in the period of lockdown for their necessities as their income was given half during this pandemic. Therefore, a huge loss of income is experienced by the tour and travel sector.

India is one of the world's worst-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic. Not only these sectors were badly affected by lockdown. Industries, Restaurants, Airlines, Clothing Sector suffered a lot due to lockdown. All this lead to a huge slow down in the economic wealth of the country. It will take a lot of time and capital to return to the track which got disturbed due to lockdown.

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