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What Question would like to know The answer to

Hello readers ,Are you bored🤔? So ,I am coming with new article which will be make you happy 🙂.My article on "What Question would you most like to know answer to".

As we know there is so much stress in our life .We are just fed by listening other stories. When we listen other stories ,.our mind get relaxed.

I feel relaxed when some one talk about my interest and hobbies.😊

That when some one talks about their life....what they achieve and what they lost.....thier mind automatically relaxed😌 and they feel very good and comfortable

But i don't thinks that the question which related to someone's personal life are always ok to be asked....because sometimes its like out of your comfort zone

I believed ,we all wanted to know the opinions of our friend and family .

Their answers like a bitter gourd (haaaaa😝)but believe me, their opinions give a constrictive feedback and make you better.



Question about yourself are not typically concern for several reason.If you both are comfortable ,then there is no issue .

⬇️The following questions I'd loved to asked from my friends

💥What is your favourite memory of me

My answer would be differ from my friends .But my friend answer -it make her happy because she started remember bunch of long conversation that i had with her

💥What was your first impression of me when i met?

I remember asking this question during a lunch break and One of my friend answerd ,i.e, He thought I was straight and half .So I didn't liked his reply but after some time I felt that his answer polished my .personality.

💥What you dislike in me?

I asked this question to my bestiee .Her answer changed my life.I took meditation classes and yoga classes also .I know you wanted to know her answer .Her answer is that she did not liked my .anger

🔰I felt very happy when I asked questions to my friends because these are related to myself .For me,It is also a good ways to know the weakness and strength

🔅One is correctly said that if you wanted to know some one at personal level ,you should asked questions to him because his answers can give you a ideas of his hobbies ,character and habits

You shall be try these questions

💭How do you define your family?

💫Were you close with your family?

➰. How much time you spend with your family ?

🗨 Who are the inspiration ideal and why?


When I was sad I always asked questions to myself in front of mirror because this treat my sorrow and I felt relaxed

What mistakes did I make today ,What can I learn from them?

In our life ,We all are experience failure and mistakes .It is depend on us how can respond on mistakes and how can.turn mistakes into success

What motivated me today?

Motivation is a set of reason that determine one to engage in particular behaviour .I motivate myself by reading inspirational books and thoughts .We all should find ways which motivate us

Did I Work Toward my goals today?

As ,I believed success is the sum total of hardwork ,discipline and focus.Focusing on your goal help to organize your actions is right or wrong.

What Bad Habits Do I Need To stop?

The negative behaviour of person is called "bad habits".Bad habits kill you slowly -slowly ,it mean bad habits destroy your life.

Bad habits can be stop by following ways:

🏷Talk to your friend

🏷Take meditation Clases

🏷Focus on why you want to change

🏷Replace the habit with different one

♂️How Can I Make Today Even Better?

When we are asking how can i make today even better it means we will wanted to change that environment where we lived, or how can we increase happiness.

♂️How Can I Stronger?

In today world ,people work as like a servant of society because they spend their life as their society expectation ,not own expectations.

💫you can strength your body and mind through tiny activities and your daily choices

✳Have I Made A Healthier Choices?

At the end of day ,ask yourself have you made a healthier choice ?

♾If your answer is yes,then you will enjoy the benefit of Quality life

♾If your answer is No ,then you should made efforts to changes your diet from tommorrow

❇Have I Expressed my love for my family and friend?

We all are busy in different different activities.Lack of communication increase unhappy relationship .

We all might hurt each other from time to time.

💥A5 minute phone call or text a message doesnt take much effort but if we practised regularly ,our relationship get stronger year by year.

I think i like questions related to myself..I feel more comfotable when someone ask more about my ups and achievments and appreciate me for that.

So , from my prosepective , Questions should has some sense and the person don't hasitate while answering.

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