By- Sumit Raj Jha
Engineering student

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Sumit Raj Jha


What should India learn from the USA’s education curriculum?


There is a vast difference in curriculum of India and USA. Let’s see what can India learn from the USA’s education curriculum.

  • Application of Knowledge: Higher education in the USA pays attention to application of the available knowledge in developing new products and services, while in India students don’t apply knowledge in day to day life.
  • Funds: The American universities who are involved in research gets funds from the U.S government, big corporations and millionaire ex-students, while in India funds are the main problem.
  • Exam pattern at school level: In USA JEE like application oriented exam pattern is the usual exam format from 6th standard onwards. So, No need for Seperate JEE / NEET. USA admits on the basis of school Mark only.
  • Less duration & Intensive education: USA follows 10+2+3+3 years to complete PhD, while India requires 21 years for the same PhD. So USA students can start the job 3 years earlier than India.
  • Low cost of education: In USA , Intensive courses + less years + no additional expenditure on parallel education like private coaching for NEET / JEE. So cost of education is low In USA when compared to India in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) terms.
  • Mental Health: In India students are having pressure of study, because of their teachers as they gives students lots of work and due to this reason some students not able to handle the pressure and some gets brain disease like Migraine and Hypertension. In USA students don’t face these problems.
  • Interaction between teacher and students: In USA teacher and students are like friends, if any student has any doubt they don’t hesitate, while in India students hesitate to ask doubts because of either less interaction or fear from teacher.
  • Parents support on result: In India parents give pressure to obtain high marks and due to this reason, if somehow students get high marks but not able to gain knowledge. In USA parents don’t give pressure on students that’s why they gains some knowledge and obtains high marks too.

As Aamir Khan said in “3 Idiots” that just catch excellence not success.

  • Content of Study Material: In USA, they provide more knowledge in content rather than filling book with problems, while in India they don’t focus on knowledge they just keeps on focusing problems rather than knowledge. That’s why students of India are behind from students of USA in terms of knowledge

  • Teacher’s focus on students: In India teachers just focus on intelligent students and those students who keeps buttering. Students who are either average or poor in studies they get ignored so they lack behind, while in USA teacher focuses on each and every student and make the environment comfortable for them for studying, they don’t feel left out.

I am concluding my article by saying- If India wants bright students like SUNDAR PICHAI and want them to work in India only not in foreign then India have to change their curriculum and can make it similar to USA.

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