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Sumit Raj Jha


What should you do when you like someone to the max but they keep on ignoring you ?

Reality Check

In everyone's life there is someone who they like to the max, they can be their friend, classmate, colleague or anyone.

But only few get their attention and most of them gets ignored. I also got a crush in 4th class and still I like her but after 6th class she started ignoring me and in this article I will tell what I did at that time to stop getting ignored. So let's see what can we do if we like someone to the max but they keep on ignoring?

  • Find out the reason: First of all, find out why they ignore you like I was getting ignored by my crush because of my friend circle at that time. So there is definitely a reason for what you are being ignored by them so find out that reason and try to overcome that issue as soon as you get to know about it.
  • Discuss with your friend: Share this matter with your friend whom you trust the most and you thinks will give you correct advice, may you get some idea. I discussed with my friends but they said you aren't of her type, so avoid that kind of friends or you can discuss with your sibling if you trust them.
  • Try to talk them: Try to talk to that person whom you like the most maybe that's your misconception they aren't ignoring you just you that you are getting ignored. As in my case whenever I tried to talk to her she ran away because she knew that I like her. So try to talk them and if they still ignore you try next step.
  • Change in Personality: As we can see almost everyone prefers physical appearance than nature, so that may be reason you are getting ignored. Like I was little bit fat at that time so that maybe a reason I was getting ignored, so I made some changes in myself. Try to examine yourself and if possible try to modify yourself if you really like them at max.
  • Be friends: After doing all this if he/she doesn't give you attention then try to be friends with them and try to get know about them, their likes, dislikes, hobbies and let them know you completely may they feel you are a good person and they don't ignores you and may respect your feelings. Today, my crush is my close friend and she knows everything about me and she feels I am nice by nature but we are friends only.
  • Stop thinking about them: If they aren't stopping ignoring you and does not want to be friends too, then forget them because thinking about them can give you stress. Just divert your mind to different activities it will make you feel better and you will forget them within 1 week or just in few days.

CONCLUSION: I am concluding my article by saying if you like someone to the max and they ignore you just try your best to impress them or we can say to make your good image in front of themselves. If, they still ignores you then stop wasting your time on them as they are not worth of it.

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