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I got here by being me😎, so I’ll continue being me.❤️

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I met My death


Hello readers,

Death is something which everyone wants to face. No one can regret it. It is not our wish but it's a rule of the life that if one has come to this world then he must meet with his death sooner or later. Death is a way of the partition of our loved ones. It spreads sadness and cry everywhere. No one is happy by meeting it. But it's bitter that we all have to face it.

Let's start with Today's topic i.e.

I met my death

It was my best friend's birthday. I am going to take a gift for her birthday. I went to the shop and started selecting the gift. But I got confused that what should I buy for her? Because she has everything and I wanted to gift her something different which will make her day. I found a beautiful memory keeper box in which the memories can be stored with a hidden safe in it. I bought it for her and then I went to the photoshop studios to collect some photos of me and her. I was coming home and I was so happy but suddenly I don't know what happened? Everything seemed dark.

After sometime when I opened my eyes.

I saw a huge crowd in my home

I got scared,

What's going on?

There was no function but still, our relatives came. I went near to my mom and saw that she was crying. I asked her a lot that what happened?

But no one is answering me. I don't know why everyone was ignoring me. After some moment, I saw that there was a dead body on the floor but I was unable to remove the cloth from her head. It irritated me a lot. I don't know what going on in my home. everyone is just ignoring me. After some time, my aunt came and she was also crying. She removed the cloth from the face of the dead body. I got shocked that it was my dead body. But how I can believe it because according to me I am alive. But it was just my illusion. In reality, I died in an accident.

I was very sad that I have to leave the world very early. A lot of dreams left incompleted.

I wanted to make my best friend's birthday special but I ruined her birthday. How she will felt when get to know that her birthday was her friend's death day. Can she celebrate her birthday by knowing the fact about my death. I felt very miserable. Suddenly, a huge light came on my face and I was just like that god came to take me off to the place of death persons. But in reality, it was the sunlight which touched my face. I opened my eyes and realised that it was just a bad dream. The dream is too scary and I don't want it to change into reality.

Thank you...

I hope you like it and don't forget to comment if you like it.

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