By- Harsh sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect

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Harsh sharma


When i opened my eyes I saw my mom.


When i opened my eyes

I saw my mom,

My feet were cold

But the room was warm

It was a scary night

Maybe i had to fight

The ghosts and might

I just have to remain calm

I wish i had a stick

So long and thick

Which i would've swung and flick

In the gust of storm

I am soliciting my grit

And i may split

The fears i hold

To the ship that was sold

In the sea so far

Where i was hazy and had a scar

And the sky and the beach

And the sand t'was peach

With the trees which glow

With the stream or flow

My mom said listen

The world will shine

If you have might

To strand and determine

To look 'em in the eye

And if you can fill the sky

With valor you have

Or with kindness you show

With pace or slow

The melted moon in the misty

From the sentinel tower

Exquisite and unique

Like a beautiful flower

And wind so soothing

With some rain shower

Oh, i had a dream

Not so scary to scream

My mom was there

For some time to spare

Slowly moving her hand

Through my brown hair

I was so calm

And felt so light

I lost my fear

Of ghost and might

T'was a dream

She said to me

And asked if there's

Something for me to be

I was antsy and

She saw it

But she held me

And sang

The song of a man

So brave to strand

The storms he faced

With some courage he placed

A sword that he paced

Amidst the land, as she sang

You have it all

Don't think you are small

With the valor you show

Some kindness you need

For the world to know.

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