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When Media Brings People Together

Reality Check

How often have we heard 'good' in 2020? Not, often enough. But recently, yes. Remember, there was this video of one old couple, struggling to run their business. Quite disheartening. I was overwhelmed after I viewed the video at @youtubeswadofficial (on Instagram). Here, is the thing, for the longest time, social media never had been this powerful. It was able to collect people through Instagram and helping those in needs. Why I mention "longest time"? Yes, influencers were working on bringing good to society. But this small and simple story is so powerful that one can't get enough of it. Not many were able to come into the spotlight, who tried bringing transformation and often we heard the bane side of social media. The journey of this couple in the past several days had been a roller coaster. During COVID-19, all of their business was drowning but not any more. The video of them growing trending and bringing people to their little business, popularly known as 'Dhaba' was life-changing. The small act of one brought so many together at the 'Dhaba'. Power of social media is immense. If it parts people, so it can bring them together. It just does not create awareness but changes the lifestyle of many. Social media is often regarded as something which diverts people, settles them apart, consumes all of their time. But what was left to analyze is the positive impact of it. The stories like such are many but never had been into the spotlight like the way other negative NEWS grows. The one tiny initiative of the guy, who shot their video, presented it to his audience, and with no time the results were out and an impressive one. #PowerOfSocialMedia is beyond our understanding. With around billions of people connected worldwide through a source 'social Media'. One can't even visualize the impact of it. The only concern is to seek positivity, promote right in the vision of a better future through social media. Social Media: On bringing People Together.

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