By- Pranjal Sukhija

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Pranjal Sukhija


Where there's Hope there's Life.


Where there is hope there is faith, where there is faith, miracles happen.

'HOPE' such a simple word, isn't it? Yet it hides behind such deep meaning in the lives of every individual.Hope can alter how you view yourself. It shapes your method of traversing your current situation. The cognitions associated with hope-how you think when you are hopeful, are pathways to desired goals and reflect a motivation to pursue future goals.

While hope is a 'spark' none of us could even live a life in peace without having hope deep inside our hearts.

People around you are are going through alot of day to day life struggles. You never know how bad a person's day is going. Try bringing happiness to whoever you meet. Just a simple compliment or a simple kind gesture could mean alot to them.

A little appreciation, which you ignore can make someone's whole day!.

And I promise making someone happy would sooth you too. It'll make your own self smile.

Hope comprises all the energy you need in life. Life ain't going to be easy, there'll be times when you're just tired of everything, times when you've completely given up on yourself. But all that it takes to stand up again on your feet and move ahead after all the pain and sufferings you're going through is just a mere ray of 'hope'. You can find hope in anyone and anything, it could be as silly as a rain drop falling on your cheeks or uderstanding the silenece of the clouds which tells you about the mesmerising power of the Universe telling you to just trust it's magic. or talking to your long left friend, exchanging thoughts on life.

You just need hope to live a happily ever after life, but it's not so easy finding hope right?

Here are some ways to keep Hope alive in tough times :

1. Express your feelings : tell people who care for you about how you feel. This will not only help relieve pain but help you cope with it and move ahead.

2. Go outside to look at nature : nature has its own ways of making things fine. Have you ever noticed a blooming flower? Or just random sunsets? Nature calms our soul in ways one can't explain in words.

3. Do a random act of kindness : "be kinder to people and kindness will come back to you"!.

4. Take time for self care : make time for yourself, do things you enjoy. Read your favourite book or go around for a walk, whatever feels right for you.

5. Look for faith : have faith in yourself, have faith in god, have faith in the universe. Have faith in whoever, whatever you trust and you'll find hope your way.

6. Find hope in intuition.

7. Find hope in giving.

8. Find hope in gratitude.

9. Find hope in LOVE. Love has the power to make everything just right.

"Hope's just a feeling, A way of envisioning a better life".

Hope is anything which encourages you and makes you believe in yourself. It gives you the energy to live every single day. Envisioning a better future motivates you to take necessary steps to make it happen.

At the end i would just say that, "Let your hopes, and not your hurts, shape your future".

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