By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah




Many of us have white shoes, and after wearing them we try hard to not allow dirt and dust to even touch our white shoes. But many a times our efforts go in vain and our shoes get dirty. Do we sit and let the shoes remain dirty? No!!( Imagine your mother's reaction....), we clean shoes with whole our will until they are white again- free from dirt. We try hard to control amount of dust coming in contact of our shoes and making them dirty but we fail to understand that it’s not in our control completely; we should also focus on cleaning the shoes again to make them white (dust free). Yes, we can control the amount of dust but not always. So, the reason behind this long story was- our mind is like our white shoes and negative thoughts, people, things, environment are like dirt. When mind is clean (white) it’s positive and healthy but when our daily routine starts, many a times we face negativity that affects our mind’s’ whiteness’ thus making it dirty. We try hard not to encounter such things and we should but as said earlier many a times things are not in our hand, but the thing which is forever in our control is power to clean our mind. We can detox our mind from negativity by incorporating positive thoughts. We tend to make whole day unpleasant just because of few seconds of negative vibes. Let’s check on things that are in our control i.e. cleaning our mind everyday and making it white with positivity again. The question arises how can we make ourselves positive- it all starts from a thought. Thought - Belief-Action-Result. This is a equation on which our life works. Our mind captures all thoughts which wander around it it never classifies them as good or bad, so if a negative thought is sown in field of our mind. It grows and make us believe it, it soon develops as a filter through which we see the words ,we focus on negative things and believe grass is greener on other side. Subsequently, it determines our actions and finally the result we get is negative. Let's think if case was other way, our mind would have captured positive thought, positive seed sown and positive filter for eyes. Result is positive. But the question ringing in your mind must be how can we control what our mind captures? The answer is by selecting consciously what options we give our mind to select the seed for sowing. If options are positive it will sow positive and vice-versa. The power rest in our hands, we have to consciously decide what we think. Thoughts are greatest weapon we possess which can either destroy us or build us. Repetition of anything make us believe it. You can now see how thoughts affect our specs of life. Words are another superpower which humans possess, our mind loves words and what you say mind considers as truth. If you say 'I can' you can, but if you say 'I can't' then you will never be able to achieve it no matter how capable you are . If you say you are bad person you become because subconsciously our mind prepares us to be that person. If 'I am happy and positive', is used by me as positive affirmation, mind will try hard to bring focus on happiness in life. Such is power of words. With thoughts and words in right direction we keep moving towards our goal. We all face negativity around us but the power to lighten our soul and keep it positive is in our hand, we can if we want. Start your day with positive affirmations, be happy, look for positive in every moment, and write at least 5 positive things occurred in the day. Let’s exercise our right. Let’s make our mind as white as our shoes. Let's change our equation -' Positive words, Positive mind, Positive life.'

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

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