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I'm back with an another article .i.e.,

Why banning use of single use plastic is a bit difficult task?

Government has recently took a challenging initiative that is to ban the use of single plastic. It's really a very good initiative in order to slow down the percentage of earth's depriving health. But is it practical? Let's get into it.

Why banning single use plastic is necessary?

As it is very well understood that single use plastic can be used only once, a United Nations report on environment health says that only 9% of total plastic produced has been recycled, 12% are burnt by the people and rest 79% getting dumped and piling up landfills. 

Plastic is non-biodegradable and disposing it off is a very big challenge and hence remains in the environment for millions of years. 

Effect on animals and aquatic creatures

After every five to ten steps you can see plastic bag thrown over so openly. Animals wandering around like dogs, cows, buffaloes etc. swallows it with eateries in it. In rivers, aquatic creature's movement get disturbed because of these plastic bags.

Effect on environment

Plastic bags thrown on roads causes land pollution, plastics thrown into water bodies causes water pollution and these bags are the reasons of clogging of sewer and drain especially during the rainy seasons. Because of these, earth's health is deteriorating day by day and nature is at risk.

Why it is a bit difficult to ban single use plastic?

First of all, it is not practical to ban it overnight so easily, and if you replace it with something what will it be? cloth bags? Vendors will not use cloth or paper bags instead they will stay with the use of single plastic because cloth and paper bags are much more expensive in comparison to plastic bags.

Do you know the production of paper bags creates 70% more air pollution than plastic bags production can do. But these bags should really be used because these can be used for a long period then single use plastic bags.

Some possible ways to avoid the plastic bag use

1.Bring your own bag.

2.Think of a way in which you can reuse the plastic bags.

3.If you are buying groceries and if you can carry it on your own, then try declining the plastic bags.

4.Try avoiding groceries which are packed in plastic instead buy those which are packed in paper carton. For example- milk in paper carton.

Thank you:)

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