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Why do people overthink? How can you overcome it?


Do you feel that when you're just about to sleep, your brain has a rush of thoughts and then there’s nothing you can do to go back to sleep. Do you think overthinking has become a normal part of your life?

First of all, what exactly is overthinking and why is it so common? 

The phrase overthinking is used so impudently these days on social media, you see posts and captions quoting overthinking commonly, but it’s not just thinking too much, its about exaggerating each and every thought that's going on in your mind. We all overthink to some extent and it’s considered normal but when we keep repeating  negative thoughts over and over and not able to control it, that's when you should realise that you are jeopardizing your mental health.

Repeating the same thought again and again, asking yourself questions like why did I do that? What will people think? These are the signs of overthinking.

Fear of people’s judgement can also add up to that, which can prove to be the biggest reason for overthinking.

We basically overthink because we are desperate creatures hunting for answers every time. Fear is overthinking, we know what that is like; before a big event we find ourselves thinking about it so much, we create hypothetical beginnings and endings and even climaxes of said event before it even happens and fear of not knowing that leads to overthinking. 

Now how can we overcome overthinking, 

It is not completely possible to overcome fear, but there are some things that you can do,

You can meditate which will help you silence your thoughts and develop patterns of clearer thinking. Sitting to meditate for even 10 minutes can stop overthinking in its tracks. Meditation is like a mirror that lets you look deep down into who you are and how things are going. Just focus on the good things and yourself.

Specifically ask yourself this question, Will this overthinking help me in achieving anything in my life? Will it help me in doing any of the tasks I’m assigned? No right, so why to waste our time.

 Try to remind yourself that you are overthinking and that it will pass. Give yourself the affirmation that it is fear and stress attacking you and that you will defeat it. Be strong in your silence and be patient for the unsettledness to diminish.

Try talking to someone whoever you are comfortable talking to be it your friends, family members or your cousins anyone. Talking can break off the overthinking chain and can calm you down.

Do something you love to do like your hobbies and interests, read, watch tv, do chores, shower or cook. Anything will serve as a distraction when you are silent. Keep your mind distracted and focused.

Try maintaining a journal, or write down all the good things you did or you want to do. Write all the things you did at the end of the day. Think, yes, think about all the positive things in your life for which you are grateful and thank your well wishers for those things. 

At last, Overthinking cannot be eliminated in one day, but if you remain strong and follow 

certain practices everyday, you can overcome it and train your brain to refuse negative thoughts.

We can just say that “Overthinking is just an art of creating problems that weren't even there”.

So, stay calm and patient and only focus on good things.

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