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Reality Check

Why does CBSE teach integration and

differentiation to commerce students?

People from maths background will definitely understand Integration and Differentiation.

But talking about commerce students who actually took commerce to avoid

mathematics are indulged in practicing these chapters. So first of all let me

tell you something about these chapters. These two chapters come under Calculus

in mathematics which is considered an important part or unit. These chapters

basically have methods for solving and proving questions.

Now talking about myself I have completed my 12th from CBSE board from the

stream commerce and mathematics as an optional subject. This title was quite

interesting for me to pen down as I can understand the pain of students with

commerce + math. Making a balance between Accountancy and Mathematics is

really a tough job. You need equal practice in both the subjects. Well, personally

I found these chapters very interesting. Once you learn the method of solving

you will love to solve problems of differentiation and integration.

Now as we all know mathematics is a practical and practicing subject. It’s not theory

that one will learn in a day. All you need is practice to improve your math. And

I think these two chapters are taught only to those commerce students who have

mathematics as their optional subject. Though we can say we have Economics for

some mathematical part taught in that.

Well if I answer this question- why CBSE teach these two chapters in commerce then it may

be because we ‘commercians’ will be appearing for many entrance exams for which mathematics is a compulsory

subject. We get such proving questions from calculus in our entrance exams.

Moreover people from commerce field who want to become CA needs maths as their

subject. Calculus is actually an important topic for all the students in the

field of commerce, math or wherever practical knowledge needed.

Another importance of these chapters in commerce is it can be used for studying various

graphs and charts which we actually have as our subjects. It also help to

derive formulae that will help you in solving topics like demand and supply,

other economic conditions etc.

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