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Hey as you Know My Name is Aryan Varshney.I am 18 year young and I am on the journey of living My Life. I learn From my experiences and write them 😉

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Reality Check

Why Should I Do Engineering??

This is a must-have question that an engineering aspirant should ask himself. I have divided this article into two segments: Why Not & Why Yes.

Why Not:

Every year 1.5 million engineers are produced in India. The question is are we really producing enough skilled onse. If someone want to do engineering just for getting a job , they should not pursue it. Probably You can start a business, if you only want money . Have a look you are going to spend two years of preparation for JEE , than four years of college total 6 Years , Seriously Dude if you give that much of time and money itself that your parents are ready to spend on your College , You can build a very strong business.(why not just think about it)

There are two types of student who suffer:

  • Who’s parents want them to be an engineer
  • Those who don't have clarity about their career & interest. They are taking it just because they don't know other options.

Short advice : “ You Need to Spend Time with Your Self ” . just ask yourself with help of your experiences what are your real interest.

example: If some one love silent walk to park . enjoys gentle moment of leaves, probably they should do some thing related to Nature. Wild Life Photography is one of the option and if some one have question regarding income and fame in these type of career than dude just go through Social Media you will find many Wild life photographers with that Blue tick. And I have one Question please name any 5 engineers with blue Tick.(not entrepreneurs I have discussed about them in WHY YES section).

Ask from your elder, ‘‘ What they have studied during their college and what they are doing now in their jobs”

Our parents want us to be an engineer/doctor because 30–40 years back these profession were in demand and the competition was low but now demand is there but competition is huge and we need to understand this thing.

Why Yes:

There is no reason for not choosing engineering except if we are doing it to get placement.

If we focus on what we are going to studying in those 4 years rather than on that degree , WE CAN CREAT NEW POSSIBIITY . The harsh truth is most of our youth choose degree over Knowledge probably this is one of the reason they remain unsuccessful because they think too small and you become what you dream!!!

Have a look on Self-made entrepreneurs, you will found most of them are from engineering background. many don’t complete their engineering and even we have many who never go to college but they learn on their own .

“I think colleges is basically for fun and to prove that you can do your chores, but they are not for learning ,You can learn anything for free” ~Elon Musk

I am trying to highlight that from engineering(the knowledge) we can create some thing of our on which can change the world .

Engineering is important because there would be no progress without it in anything , engineering and progress are basically synonyms.

& another short advice: see it’s not government responsibility to provide us job it’s our own responsibility and if there is no job available we must create them .That’s what our nation need . Understand the importance of knowledge and learn to apply it that’s called engineering .

Take a blank sheet ,ON one side write Why NOT and on the Other Side write Why YES. and fill both sides on your own .

This will give you clarity and motivate you during your Journey.

I hope that this article will help you in bringing clarity in your vision for your and our nation’s future .

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