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Tanya srivastava


Why everyone should journal atleast once in there life time ?


We do the things that benefits us as a human being .so here i am going to tell you some of my experience regarding journalling and its benefits.

But before that lets understand what journalling means :- it means writing down your thoughts in a notebook/diary.

Its sound so old school right but its not ..

I started journalling 3 years ago and to be honest this is the best habit i have ever developed ,At that point , i was in the lowest phase of my my life .

You can write your heart out on the piece of paper.

And the paper will never judge you . Its best for over thinkers like me , it helps to manage my thoughts and gives the ideas what i was thinking worth the time or not . journalling is the way to express your emotion on the piece of paper. It can built up as a memories keeper that you can hold as a book .At which you can look back and laugh at . You know one of best feeling is reading your old diary from your past , in that couple of minutes realising how much you have grown as a person. Journalling help to discover your self worth,who really you are as a person and help to connect you with yourself on deeper level. Its the ultimate thing which will help you to discover yourself as u you change a you grow up. Journalling is really beneficial for your mental health too,actually its the best .help you to deal with any past trauma .from my own experience writing about my insecurities and my anxiety help me a lot .It help to organize thoughts and work very well. Journalling will enhance your writing ability .

My experience regarding journalling is awesome. Journalling give me the peace of mind and journalling is the healthiest way to get all of your emotions.(anger,jealous,happiness) I can express myself on that piece of paper with out worrying or being judged . no one is going to tell to make changes in your life ,you are the only one to do it for yourself .

Writing journal help you focus on the things you accomplished daily and the things you are grateful for . that's how you can enjoy your life journey . journalling is not only writing about your daily chaos . you can write about anythings; for example:- letter to your future self , 5 things i can do to improve my mood .etc etc.

Do you know that writing your problem down will help you to get to the solution faster . reflecting on yourself .

Its the best way to heal your wounds.

Its improves the quality of life. There are so many ways you can do it .

- bullet journal

- art journal

- kpop journal

- normal joural

- junk journal

Etc etc...

Basically there are no rules . every single human being has a ability to create something and journalling gives your creativity a boost .i think its the best tool for your self love journey . As we declutter our room weekly because they say environment matter a lot,just like that journalling is the method to declutter your mind at some level.

I have seen many people personally they only write when they get too much to handle emotionally . You can do that way no problems . and if you believe in law of attraction ,journalling will increase the rate of law of attraction . journalling help to built self discipline.

It helps you to recognize your priorities in your life. And helps to connect your dreams .

At last i just wanted to say

" sometime you just need time alone to discover yourself with a piece of paper and pan"

"Its the space for you and you alone"

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