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Gargee Sharma


Why I quit listening to others in 2019 and how it is helping me to grow in 2020?


The harsh reality that strikes us all at some point is the very fact that there are people out who want to see us fail in life. What’s even worse is that these people could be the ones we trusted the most!

I had started my preparations for Chartered Accountancy exams last year and experienced many such incidents where I was given the wrong direction and that led to discouragement and unstable mental condition. Generally, preparing for any competitive exams demands a positive atmosphere and abundance of family support, without that it seems the toughest wars of all times. The ones close to me had several notions about CA exams some of it is; 'It's going to drive you crazy', 'Studying so hard won't land you anywhere’, ‘This field is highly competitive and a matter of sheer luck’, ‘You seem to be wasting your life by wasting it in attempts’ and so on! I had to appear for my attempt in November 2019, undoubtedly, I was filled with sheer self-doubts and was highly unmotivated to go ahead with this state of mind. However, when my results were out I had, fortunately, 'only passed'.I, as an individual, have always been hard-working and this trait of mine has always offered me success. Before entering this career, this trait of always working hard had never given me doubts on my ability and caliber.

Not that I wasn't aware of the hardships one experiences in the journey of becoming a CA, I was only easily manipulated with those around me, not realizing the harm they caused me in that period.With deep introspection, it dawned upon me that it was only I, who was to be blamed as I allowed the outside force to conquer my self-confidence and manipulate it in worst ways possible.We can never blame others when it is us who allow others to make decisions on our behalf. That was the very day when I was stern about my worth and my capability to conquer

anything!This revolution of attitude has brought a significant improvement in my perspective as it helps me to rely on my beliefs more than what others think of me. ‘Believing in your self-worth is the biggest blessing one can be offered with’. Stepping in 2020 has brought a series of good changes within me. Foremost being, not paying hindrance to other's opinion and disallowing them to take control of my decisions in life.

The best kind of changes one can lodge into their lives is by accepting one’s own faults and improving our outlook on life and its two aspects – failure and success. Also, we know it evidently that just by reading about success and failure doesn’t bring any change in our perspectives, it is only when we intimately experience the highs and lows of life, we get to know the aspects better. Bloom in your unique way, stop listening to others and make a checklist of the changes you want to see within you and start working for it, the changes will be magical and you’ll be inspired to fly higher! Way to go!

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