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Why is it said that living in the present is the best approach



“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. We should be blessed if we lived in the present always, and took advantage of every accident that befell us, like the grass which confesses the influence of the slightest dew that falls on it; and did not spend our time in atoning for the neglect of past opportunities, which we call our duty. We loiter in winter while it is already spring. In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven.” 

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden & Civil Disobedience

Living in the present moment is the most important thing a person should do, present moments exist now and you should focus all your awareness and your actions on these present moments. Failing to do so can affect your life and even worsen it. Living in the present enables you to control the moment as well as it helps to plan your future.

To live in the present means to live in Now, to fully experience our surroundings and ourselves without any thoughts and other distractions. When a person is present in the moment he thinks consciously and takes purposeful  decisions which are important for the present condition.Focusing on the present also helps you calm your mind, because you do not allow worries, fears and stray thoughts to occupy your mind. This of course, helps you use your time more efficiently.

How to live in the present ? To experience the present moment we should try to focus on it, however it becomes difficult because our mind is in a habit of surrounding itself with stray and irrelevant thoughts , by emotions and sensations which does not allow us to focus on the present moment and we zone out of the moment. So in order to focus we should do one thing at a time in such a way that our thoughts and actions are perfectly synchronized and are related to the same subject.

Meditation can take you a long way toward living in the present moment in your daily life. Meditation is suitable and most useful for everyone, for the most practical person and for the most visionary one, for people that want to achieve material success, and for people seeking a spiritual life.Meditation helps you control your attention, disregard irrelevant thoughts, and overcome the tendency of the mind to get distracted. Even just ten minutes a day can be useful.After practicing meditation for some time, you will discover that your mind is becoming calm and that you stay relaxed even in difficult situations. You will notice that difficult situations and difficult people do not disturb your peace as they did before.

In time, as inner peace grows, you will discover that happiness also grows, and you start enjoying being in the present moment, more than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.Remember that life is available only in the present moment, and keep acting in accordance with these words.

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