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Will Kung Fu Panda Season 4 hit the expectations of the young fans after COVID-19 Pandemic?


Young animation lovers excitedly waiting for their favorite Kung fu Panda season 4 which is expected to release in 2018. But due to technical issues and recent COVID-19 pandemic, the officials are currently planning to announce the release dates. It is till behind the secret door which raises excitement in minds of young animation lovers.

The movie series which revolves around the main character Po, the Panda and his friends to save the animals from the clutches of the villain Tai Lung. The film set up in ancient china which uses animals to personify the tale of Kung Fu warriors.  After the  three series hits the blockbuster both at the theatres and in Netflix, the  fans set up their eyes on upcoming series of the movie, ”Kung  Fu  Panda  Season 4”with  high expectations.

COVID-19 Pandemic has caused massive effects in all areas of the society not only physically but also mentally. Currently, one cannot rate fan’s expectations due to massive hit. As there are new sensations among the fans, will the film releases all over the world or releases in certain countries due to pandemic, whether the movie is going to release in Netflix, OTT , Amazon Prime  etc  or normally  released in theatres. As theatres are not yet opened in different countries.  If theatres are opened, they are another set of expectations whether this series hit the box office. The most important expectation is focused on budget which will affect the outcome of the series. 

Netflix took over reins of film releases of all genres. It’s trending became popular among the current generations which largely affect the screens. This gave birth to other digital platforms like Amazon Prime, OTT etc. Netflix is one of the most successful business platforms to overcome the massive hit of Pandemic. New releases now move towards these platforms. Another set of expectations arises among the audiences whether Netflix officially allows the release of the new series of the movie or not. Will there be stiff competitions among other platforms, if Netflix does not give its consent.

Finally, Kung Fu Panda Season 4 has to face the test of expectations set up by the audience. One has to wait whether the series hit successfully as the previous ones by adjusting its budget allocation, mode of releasing (theatres or digital platforms) etc.  COVID-19 has challenged the film industry by gearing up the expectations of upcoming films especially on animations.

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