By- Jasmeen
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"women's day" or Long Live the Patriarchy


Putting photos with your dear mommy,cutting cakes and preaching her for 1 day . Or 365 days??.

International women’s day is being observed since early 1900 and globally purple color represents it. But Have you ever wondered that this day celebrates the idea of sacrifice, which is unknowingly, unintentionally thrown over small, young girls, but promises to celebrate womanhood. In a country like India where gender disparities, dowry ,unequal opportunities exist, women’s day is just a mere marketing strategy of “women’s day sale 70-80 % off “, and free dinners and gifts But infact women fight daily for gender equality, juggling with their work in home and office, career and wanting equal pays . For women a good husband and a perfect marriage is the only benchmark of success and on “their “ special day they are made feel free, appreciated , relaxed and equal. And this free wine and dinner dates acts as a bribe for a crying child. Mother's day is another patriarchal tool to make women happy that we value her work . But do we? Ya phir yeh value bhi ek din ki hi hai?

This idea is flawed, because even today she'll be working to make her day special for us. Why can't we appreciate and help her whole year. Why mother has to always sound sacrificing and not be selfish, so that everyone can get everything?

Mother's day is MUCH MORE THAN SACRIFICE. STOP PATRONISING WOMEN'S DAY. Women has equal opportunity to stay healthy and happy every day. Celebrate her , empower her emotionally, read her ,hear her.

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