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Ananya singh


Yoga and meditation- a source of recreation


The present day lifestyle of many students and teenagers calls for the need for yoga and meditation. While work and study load builds an immense pressure, at the same time yoga and meditation could be placed at the top of the pedestal these days .

These days it's very common to say that teens find most of their time in smart ones or static entertainment

.This could be tiring and unproductive for many students.

So through this article , I would try to bestow you with some of the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation.

Yoga in simple terms could be termed as spiritual science of self realisation. Its development dates to about five thousand years.

Indian sage 'patanjali' defined it as a science of self realisation .

Yoga comes up with different postures and asanas which are collectively called pranayama.

Mediation in simple terms could be termed as focussing on a particular object, activity or the state of reaching mental and physical calmness.

Now how could it help children and adolescents to discover a better lifestyle and positive approach to living. Let's see.

# improves concentration : though we all are aware that meditation helps in improving concentration , but to acknowledge it more practically , it improves memory , calmness and even confidence level to a great extent

# improves flexibility : yoga could help in improving flexibility to a great level by stretching the soft tissues. Stretching the body through yoga poses helps in releasing lactic acid which reduces stiffness and pain in body.

For students doing sports , it reduces the risk of injury.

#weight management : these days children all around the world face problems like obesity which can be even more cautious for a diabetic person .

Yoga has its all magic to help in weight management.

# treats insomnia and improves brain plasticity : a group of researchers have found that experienced meditators slept fewer hours than non meditators and it even treats insomnia.

A group of mindful meditation practitioners found an increase in number of neutrons in brain's hippocampus( related to learning and memory)which is definitely great from a student perspective when ailments like toxics from aur pollution affects brain cells.

So these are some of the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation which I am sure had amazed you to practise it in your real life too.

The knowledge of yoga and meditation is something which emerged in India and have proved to have an immense importance in the well being of many people .

It's our duty to not let this gem of knowledge go and carry forward.

Numerous education Institutions are trying to involve in education curriculum which could be a great initiative and a source of appreciation and recreation to our lifestyles.

So why wait , start doing mediation and yoga which would definitely prove a blessing to our lifestyle.


" If every 8 year old in the world is taught mediation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation".

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