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Zach and Jen (Enemies to lovers)


' Enemies! ' , Jen exclaimed , ' we were enemies during middle school !' Zach was laughing, ' how bizarre we were right ? We were the topic during our entire middle school days '. Jen swinged her long Zara bag ,' So how come I didn't knew you worked near my company. Truly I didn't expected you . ' ' Even i was surprised! ' , Zach replied . As saying they both went into suburban restaurant. ' what's your order miss stinky ? ' he asked comically. ' oh my gosh Zach please , like you still you can't call me like that . You knew how much I hated that name ! ' Jen facepalmed.

' Some things don't change miss stinkyyyyyyy ' Zach smiled . ' Okay mister crooked teeth . ' ' hey ! I don't have any more crooked teeth . ' ' Even i don't smell that bad like cmon we are adults now like i don't want my colleagues to hear my embarrassing names . ' Jen replied looking side by side . ' okay no more corny nicknames . But do you remember how you steal my notes and had me getting punishment . ' Jen bursted laughing , ' oh my God yeah ! And do you remember how you cut my braids into half when I was sleeping during class . I looked terrible . ' They both were laughing and the whole restaurant was looking at them . The waiter worried went to take order so they can control their laughter. ' I will take strawberry shakes . What about you Zach?' Jen asked . ' coffee please ' and they started chatting more about their fights , embarrassing situations and about each other . ' wow Jen, who thought we would meet again .' 'Yeah it was nice right all that fighting and everything , who knew we would ?' Jen finished her strawberry shake . ' Yeah and who knew Jen would turn beautiful . ' ' Oh my what ! Zach you complimented me ? Thats cool .' ' yeah why can't I? That was the truth. You indeed look beautiful .'

Jen blushed and didn't knew what to answer. Awkward silence surrounded them . After some seconds Jen answered, ' well Zach thank you , that was very kind of you. ' Jen i knew that would be very wierd to say despite we were enemies back then but I had a little crush on you. ' Jen was taken aback, ' wait, really ! Now thats a big blow to me . I never thought like that .' ' I knew you would say that , but I was stupid back then and all those fighting I did because to bring your attention back on me . But after some time that silly thing turned into huge big fight between us . And even I forgot about that eventually and started focusing on our fights . How silly right ?' Jen laughed, ' very silly Zach, you could have told me atleast my hair would have been safe from being cut! ' Again they both started laughing. They arrived at bus stand and it was Christmas eve . ' how lovely right these lights and everything. ' Jen was seeing the lights and Zach was seeing Jen . ' yes , very lovely ' .

' so bye Zach, it was nice meeting you , have to go you know tomorrow's Christmas and I have lot to do .' ' wait Jen, I have to ask you something .' Zach exclaimed . ' what ?!' .

' well Jen, uh .. are you free on new years ? Coz I have one free ticket to concert .... ' he replied nervously.

' I am ! But with whom I have to go ?'

' of course me ' Zach coughed .

' OMG ZACH ! Are you asking me out for date ? '

' uhhh , you can think that ! ' Zach was avoiding Jen 's face .

' sure Zach, I am free , will go out but one condition . This time not as enemies '

' definitely not as enemies.' Zach smiled.

Jen went home and Zach was strolling by the bus stand . He whispered, ' not as enemies, but as lovers ! '

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